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Friday...My Happy Day

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you all had a great week. I'm especially happy about this Friday and really for the whole weekend since my brother is flying in from Chicago. It's always the best time when we can all get together. I haven't seen him since my sister and I went out there over the summer (you can read more about our adventures here).

We have a packed weekend but a fun weekend planned. I'm just hoping the weather cooperates for us but one thing I've learned is that you can't control the weather. We'll be celebrating my Grandpop's 90th Birthday, attending a Halloween party, and enjoying another birthday celebration with brunch in Philly for my sister. I'm sure there will be other random adventures going on as well but for now I think we have a lot going on.

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...

1. Football pool: if you follow me on instagram, if not I'd love for you to consider, I like to think I'm pretty fun (shameless plug there). Well, if you do then you would have seen my handsome fur baby in his wide retriever jersey for some Sunday football. I'm telling you, I'm convinced he smiles for the camera.

My weekly picks have been horrible lately and weren't getting me anywhere near a chance at winning. I decided since I already sucked I would try a new strategy. It actually wasn't much of a strategy at all because I had my three year old do my picks. I read him what teams were playing each other and he told me what team he liked best. Unfortunately I didn't have much confidence after seeing some of the point spreads that were on there, but hey anything can happen, right? Well wouldn't you know...we ending up winning! Let's see if we can go two for two this week.

2. BYOP: we had such a great time at one of our favorite family's BYOP pumpkin carving party. The kids all had so much fun together and it's always the best seeing some of my favorite girls and their kiddos. We love that they do this every year and hope it's a tradition that will carry on.

3. Fall fun: our weeks haven't been complete without incorporating some sort of outdoor fall fun. We came across a park not too far from us that has this awesome look out if you can bare the hike to get up there. We made it but not without being out of breath and legs feeling like jello, but the views were too good to pass up.

Side note, I haven't been able to figure out how to capture pretty blue sky pictures without having the right exposure for my subjects in the frame. When I usually turn up my ISO or white balance to expose people I lose my sky and it ends up being blown out (sorry camera talk). Any pointers with how to conquer this? Maybe I just have to invest in a better photo editing program or upgrade my camera body style...I don't know.

4. When your mom meets Joe Gorga: confession, I enjoy watching all of the housewives shows with the exception of Melbourne. I just couldn't get into them. We happen to live in the same town as Teresa and my Mom and I were just talking about how we've never run into any of them.

Poncho Turned Blanket Scarf

It's no secret that a staple fall favorite accessory is the beloved blanket scarf. There's just something about these cozy and colorful patterns that has all of us adding them (maybe even 10 of them) to our wardrobe. 

I especially love {this} one from Grace and Lace. I've been a big fan of theirs ever since I saw them on shark tank and just love everything about their story and what they stand for (and no, sadly this is not a sponsored post). 

What I love about this piece is the multi uses it has. Not only is it a blanket scarf but also a poncho. I don't know about you but when I'm shopping I'm always evaluating my best bang for my buck. With this, I felt like I was getting a two for one so it was a no brainer. 

Bathroom Renovation Reveal

soaker tub

They always say kitchens and baths sell houses and in most cases where people are looking for a move-in ready home it's very true. But, when you're looking for an investment opportunity then you know if you can redo a bathroom and kitchen within your budget that's where you'll see a nice return.  

We've gotten our feet wet with renovating a few bathrooms and kitchens in our day and each one is more unique than the last. I have to say though, this one is my favorite so far. Maybe it's also the fact we are using it for the time being so I have more of a personal connection with it, but whatever the case is I just love how it turned out. 

We kept is very classic and even on the simpler side. When doing renovations we try to keep in mind things that will appeal to a large audience and not necessarily just what we would like. We've also come to learn that sometimes the simpler the better. When you get carried away with too many busy patterns or designs you can start to lose people. We also try to keep in mind trends that won't date themselves in a few years. Since some of our properties are rentals we don't want to have to keep doing updates every time a trend goes out of style. 

Friday Favorites

Boy does it feel good to see Friday! I don't know why but for some reason I was so thrown off this week. I may or may not have woken up on two different days thinking it was already Friday. I even tried to convince Eric one morning it was already Friday and that we reached the coveted weekend starting line. Talk about confusing the poor guy. What is wrong with me? Clearly I had some major wishful thinking going on.

Confusion aside, we made it! Now we're all on the same page as to what day it is. We have a pretty low key weekend planned but of course we're incorporating some more fall fun. One of the best couples I know is having their annual pumpkin carving get together, BYOP. We love getting the kids together every year and seeing everyone's creative side come out. I'll try to remember to take some pics so I can share them next week. For now, here's a look at some of my favorites from this week...

1. First key framed: I got this idea several months ago, ok maybe more like 5 months ago but who's counting. Anyway, I always knew when we sold our first home I was going to keep one of the keys to our front door (I'm such a rebel). At first I thought about removing a floor plank to do some sort of reclaimed project, then I thought about taking a window panel with me, but the more I thought about all of that the key to the front door was the more practical option. 

After finally coming across my glue gun from one of the 200 boxes I decided putting it on some decorative paper and framing it was the perfect place for this little key. It's a nice little keepsake and brings back so many great memories. It reminds me of all the adventures we had there, the opportunities it opened up for us, and our one day dream house to come.

2. Fall outerwear: I shared my military jacket find {read more here} and I've been loving this perfect piece for fall. The weather here has been so up and down. We had some 80 degree days this week, which I'm not complaining about, but those cool mornings and evenings you need a little something to put on and this has been my go to jacket.

3. Favorite purchase: I got sucked in and ended up purchasing all three Loreal Pure-Clay Masks. I can't say I'm upset about it though. Do I need all three? Well that's still to be determined. A few places I went to were actually sold out of them so when I came across them at Harmon and was able to use a 20% off coupon, I scooped them up like they were flying off the shelf.

Since I just got them this week I can't speak for all of them just yet. I've really been liking the exfoliating and pore refining one (the pinkish one). Ha! I think I scared Eric though because when I have it on he says it looks like I have bad sunburn. We both can't put our finger on the scent either. It's not a bad scent but reminds us of something we just can't pinpoint.

4. Fall soups: I am such a seasonal eater sometimes that there are certain things I can't eat during the year if the weather isn't right. Is anyone else like that? Like hot chocolate, I love it but just can't do it in the summer. Ice cream, well most people probably won't agree with me here but I just can't get into a cone in the winter. Soup, now soup just tastes so much better in the fall.