Preparing Your Kids to Travel

Preparing Your Kids To Travel
If you haven't noticed I'm pretty excited about our upcoming family vacation. Traveling has always been a love of mine and I hope to pass that excitement down to my boys. I never wanted us to be a family that says, Oh we haven't been anywhere in years. 

I know everyone's situations and priorities are different, but for me I would rather have experiences and memories than collecting things.  

In previous years I shared tips for traveling with a toddler and what to pack in your beach bag. For the most part our packing style is still the same. Now with two little nuggets I am taking a different approach with how we are preparing them for travel.

We've been flying with A since he was 7 months old, and to be honest, it was so much easier when he was a baby. I would nurse him for takeoff and landing and then he would pretty much sleep the rest of the flight. On our last family vacation I was probably out of my seat most of the flight walking up and down the aisles with them. I can only image how this flight will be, and with a layover none of the less. I need all the mama prayers I can get.

With the logistics of the trip aside, here's a look at a few ways we've been preparing the boys for travel...

CANDID CONVERSATIONS: we've been talking to both of them a lot about how we are going to get on an airplane, go to an Island, and the process of everything in between. Now that A is even older he asks a lot of questions. Mainly questions about the plane, particularly to takeoff and landing. I think it's important to let them know what to expect and give them as much detail as possible—of course within reason.

SHOWING THEM PICTURES: we've been showing them pictures of previous trips and reminding them of how we traveled before and all the fun we had. It blows my mind that A still remembers feeding the Iguanas in Aruba. We've also been showing them pictures of where we will be going and what the hotel looks like. This has gotten them really excited to check out some of the amenities and sleep in the big bed.

INVOLVING THEM IN PACKING: this has probably been the biggest help with getting them ready to travel. It allows them to make decisions about what they want to bring along, picking out toys to play with, snacks to pack, etc. I promise, there are clothes in the bottom of their suitcase but their toys had to be on top so they know they are in there.

GEOGRAPHY: both of the boys have globes in their rooms that they are familiar with. Little nuggets we actually picked up on our trip to the Dominican. For the past few nights they've been taking out their globes and asking us to show them the country we are traveling to and where the airplane will be flying over. This probably isn't the most effective thing for a younger child since you can see my little nugget was more interested in licking the globe and pretending like it was a giant lollipop. A on the other hand keeps looking at his globe everyday and asking what other countries we are visiting next.

EXPLORING CULTURE: we've also been talking to them about different cultures and how people all around the world speak different languages and may eat different foods.We're trying to prepare them for new sounds and sights they might see.

I'll be taking a little break from blogging to enjoy our time together as a family. I do have a fun Friday Favorites previously planned so you might want to check that out. I might be sharing a few things here and there on instagram (@beautifully_candid) if you'd like to follow along for the fun. Overall I'll be disconnecting for a few days and enjoying some sand and sun. Looking forward to catching up with everyone when we get back!

My Casual Weekend Go-To Look

During the week I'm always getting dressed up for work. When it comes to the weekends if I don't have anything specific going on that I really need to look nice for, or a date night happening (I think I need more of them in my life), then I will gravitate towards a casual jeans and tee look. 

These jeans have been on major repeat for me because I am loving all things distressed right now. Anyone else loving that look too? I came across this tee (currently sold out online but I got it in store so you might still be able to find it) over the weekend and knowing we were headed into the city the next day—there was no way it wasn't coming home with me. I also picked up these sunglasses. I guess I don't really need another pair but they were just too much fun to pass up, and for $12 there was no way I was saying no.

If you've been visiting this little space of mine, then you know that street art is one of my weaknesses. I just love all the bright colors and admiring the talent that goes into it. We were walking around the city when I came across this wall and pretty much told my family...hold up, mama's putting on a pair of heels and we are taking some pics. There is no shame in my picture taking game. Yes I make my family stop for street art. And yes, I carry around a pair of heels with me #justbeinghonest #reallifetalk

In my defense, I wore these heels when we went out for brunch but there was no way I was schlepping around the city streets with them on. If I know I'll be doing a lot of walking I will carry around more than one pair of shoes with me from time to time.

Well wouldn't you know we rounded the corner and the perfect photo was just set up for me with the New Yorker building in the background. We were headed down that street to the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market anyway which happened to be blocked off. I couldn't have been more perfect for a pic because no cars were coming through. You might guess what happened next...the heels went back on. 

I could have just kept my converse sneakers on which is another look that I love, but there is just something about gaining that extra height (short people problems), and I just love a good jeans and heels look in general.


From The Aquarium to The Auto Show-Weekending

It's no surprise around here that weekends are usually jam packed with some sort of adventure for us. This weekend was no different. The more we do with the kids the more I appreciate that we live in an area where we can be in Philly in an hour and a half and NYC in 25 mins. 

To be honest with you, I don't think I've personal appreciated this until many of my blogging friends made comments about how visiting one of these cities were on their bucket list or they wish they had the chance to visit NYC, etc. It got me thinking, we really do need to make more of an effort and take advantage of this "luxury". We're going to try and work in some more day trips here and there and find new adventures to go on. 

Ok, enough about all of that let's get into the weekend fun. 

Friday was our typical homemade pizza night followed buy a movie, A's flavor of the week has been Toy Story and I kind of love that he's been into it. It's one of my favorites and will always be a classic for me. We usually try to stick to watching the original and the second because the third gives me all kinds of feels and makes me sad. A has to have his Toy Story friends lined up watching the movie with him which is just the cutest little thing.  

Saturday we were headed down to the Adventure Aquarium and woke up to a dreary rain day. We knew that because of the weather it was probably going to be really crowded. It was. But like any other crowd encounter we always make it work. 

The nuggets had such a great time seeing all of the fish and interacting with their different attractions. It was so cute to see little nugget saying hi and bye to every fish he saw. No seriously, ever fish. We realized the last time we were at the aquarium he was 3 months old. Boy does time go by so fast. My sister also came with us and any time the boys get in some aunt Faith time it's the best time. 

Can I just tell you how hard it was for me to take pictures in low light. I try to avoid using my flash at all costs because I personally hate the way pictures with a flash come out. But, when you have kids (or fish) that won't sit still and someone (me) who still is trying to figure out all this camera stuff, the result is less than appealing. I really need to find a local photographer to shadow and help a mama out.

After the aquarium my sister and I went shopping and I did find a dress for my friends wedding. It's the color and length I was hoping for so I'm happy about that.  

Sunday we headed into the city for the NY auto show. My husband has been going ever since he was little and I know he really enjoys going. We were a little unsure with how the nuggets were going to act but overall they were really good. 

We decided to make a game out of it for A and any car that he found that was either blue or red he could pick a sticker and put it on his paper. This helped to keep his attention and also helped him practice his colors. Their shoes didn't stand a chance at staying on so barefoot in the stoller it was for them. 
After spending a few hours at the car show we headed out to enjoy the rest of the day. We were so happy to see the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market was open. The last two years we went it wasn't open. We enjoy going to flea markets and estate sales and finding unique pieces and deals. We also love watching flea market flip and hope to make a visit to the Elephant's Trunk Flea Market one of these days.

After walking around for a bit we decided to grab brunch, because brunch is always a good idea. I wasn't in love with my dish. It looks like a breakfast pizza but it wasn't. It was a chick pea tortilla that just didn't really have much flavor to it. It wasn't horrible but I've had way better brunch dishes. I guess you can't win them all. The french toast though, well that was delicious!

After brunch we stopped by a park for the nuggets to play. They quickly made some new friends and of course said can we stay for 5 more minutes about 10 times before we had to cut them off and head back home.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm linking up with Biana today for some weekending fun. 

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! Getting back into the swing of things after a long weekend is always a  struggle for me, but we made it. Hello, weekend!  

We have some fun things planned this weekend including a trip the aquarium and heading into the city for the NY auto show. Eric has been going to the auto show since he was little and now it's become a fun little tradition of ours to take the boys. 

I'll also be enjoying some sister time and hopefully getting some shopping in for a dress I need for a wedding. There are so many dresses I like online but I feel like with my body style I really need to try some on. 

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...

1. Easter: in case you missed it I shared more about our Easter {here} and all the fun we had. A is just something else and woke up the day after asking if it was now time for Christmas. He even had his Christmas list set and now when he sees something he wants he keeps saying I'll take that for Christmas. His list is already getting out of control.

2. Cherry Blossoms: I also shared how we went to a local park to see the Cherry Blossoms and have a little picnic. They are just too pretty not to share again. I wish they hung around a little longer and didn't only bloom for a few weeks.

3. Park fun: our weather was very up and down this week but we were able to get in some park time which always makes the boys so happy. Little nugget just loves being in the swing and will giggle and laugh when you pretend you are getting his feet. A was off running around and jumping over things, I think he might have even been trying to catch a bird (ambitious that one is), so there was no way a picture was happening with him. 

4. Sunflowers: my mom put together a little Easter bag for me with some garden tools, gloves, plant markers, and some seeds. The boys and I had fun planting the sunflowers even if little nugget kept digging them up. I won't be surprised if a random sunflower just pops up on the lawn or if none of them grow at all. Every time we put a seed in and covered it back up, he would come around and dig in the same spot flinging the dirt everywhere. God only knows where those poor seeds ended up. The package wording on the seeds cracks me up...cheerful, mid-sized plants. If need be, would it actually say short, dreadful or unhappy plants?

5. Vacation: I'm getting really excited for our vacation and I know my last few days of work next week are going to drag on. I've already started packing, unpacking, and trying to figure out what I want to bring. I always over pack for myself but then feel like I don't have enough or wish I would have brought something else. I'm also getting the boys involved with their packing this time and talking with them more about going away. A is so excited and is already asking us what other country we're going to visit once we get back. He's so my son. I would be on a permanent vaca if I could. 

Right now I am loving Old Navy's Sandals for the boys and their fun summer wear. I've been buying their sandals ever since A was a baby. If you haven't noticed Old Navy has been my go to for a lot of things. We're also Gap cardholders so taking advantage of free shipping and not having to trek into a store is a big plus for me. Here are some finds I'm currently loving for them.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! As always I'm linking with some of my favorites throughout the week, check them out and join in on the fun! 

White Jeans Styled For Spring

Spring Style
Today I'm having some fun and joining 5 other fabulous bloggers for a white pants collab! Be sure to stop by their blogs to show some love and check out how they styled their looks.

I remember it took me forever to make the plunge and buy a pair of white jeans. In fact, I didn't own my first pair of white jeans until last year. I know, I know, what was I waiting for? Well, with two sticky fingered boys I always thought it was pointless for me to have them. That is until I found my stay white jeans from Old Navy. I styled them here last summer, and again over the winter, and even now they are still white.

The weather has been so nice here lately that we took a drive to the shore a few weeks ago. We caught a beautiful sunset while we were on the dock by the bay (sittin on the dock of the bay...watching the tied roll away) and I could not resist getting some pics in my outfit.

I felt kind of beachy in my white jeans and striped shirt but I still think this outfit can easily be worn anywhere else. Next time I might be leaving my hat at home, or at least in the car, because the wind made it almost impossible to keep it on my head. You can see here I almost lost it there for a minute. After that, I just gave up and took it off. I don't know about you but I am looking forward to many more days at the beach.

Jeans-(here) | Top- sold out (similar here) | Hat-old (similar here) | Espadrilles (here) | Sunnies-(here)

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