Lace Shorts With Cold Shoulder Top and Exploring Willemstad

I know I've shared a lot about our most recent trip to Curacao and it might have even been on the verge of overkill, but regardless, I'm sad this will be my last post from our trip. 

As much as we loved being on the beach and in that beautiful blue water, we also enjoyed our time exploring the capital of Willemstad. Our resort had a shuttle that brought you into town so it was really convenient for us to get there.

When we pulled up there were so many colorful buildings that I of course got really excited about. If you've been reading this little space of mine than you know my love for street art and colorful walls is a thing for me. I might have even passed the excitement down to the nuggets because they kept running to different walls shouting out the colors and asking us to take a pic of them. My nuggets asking for a pic?! Oh there was no way I was turning that down.

We walked around and explored as much as we could while taking in all the different sights. We stopped by local markets and vendors to see all the different things they had. A tradition that Eric and I started ever since we began traveling together is to pick up a Christmas ornament from every trip we go on.

In one of the local markets there was a woman selling fresh squeezed orange juice. She saw us walking around with the boys and gave them both little cups to try out. They loved it so much and little nugget kept calling it, so good juicy mango. It wasn't mango, but it tasted so fresh and so different from our orange juice here that I could see his confusion. Every time we made our way around her stand she offered the boys more to drink. She was just the sweetest and you could see how happy she was that the boys enjoyed it.

After some more exploring, we stopped off at a smoothie place to look for some more juicy goodness. The nuggets thought they were so big sitting at the counter ordering what they would like and picking out their fruits to be blended up. Unfortunately it quickly went downhill when a tantrum broke out because one thought the other got more than him #toddlerproblems

We kept it moving and eventually something caught their attention and they forgot what they were even upset about. When I spotted a bright yellow wall I knew it was the perfect spot to snap a few pics. I've had these lace shorts for two summers now and surprisingly even though they are white, they are still perfect to wear in the summer and have held up really well. I really need to find them again and in different colors because no matter where I go someone is always asking me about them.

As much as I think the off the shoulder trend is fun, I'm just going to be honest here, they are not the easiest things to wear—especially around kids. I don't know about you but I need to be able to move my arms around and not feel constricted. A great compromise for me has been the cold shoulder top. I can move freely and still have that fun trendy look. I picked up this top in navy and know I'll be wearing it a lot over the summer.

We loved exploring as much as we could during our time in Curacao. It was such a fun island and nice place to getaway with my little family. I'm already looking forward to our next adventures.

Shorts-old (similar here and here) | Top-(here) | Sandals-(old similar here) | Sunnies-(here)

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you all had a great week. This week for us wasn't the most eventful but we actually got to somewhat relax and it felt really, really good. 

Our weather was all over the place this and my allergies are out of control. I think everyone in my office is tired of yelling God bless you down the hall. Random fact, I have an obnoxiously loud sneeze. I've tried to make it quieter but I just can't. 

This weekend we have a lot going on and I am excited for every minute of it. We have a birthday party to go to, my good friend is getting married, and my dad is having a party at his house for some of my relatives who are coming in from PA. 

Here are some of my favorites from the week...

1. Mother's Day: in case you missed my Mother's Day weekend post you can read more about it here. Even though my morning started off really rough, and some of our weekend plans were completely rained out, it was nice to  be with family and have some extra hugs and loving from my nuggets. 

I shared this pic on my instagram (@beautifully_candid) and the funny part is I didn't even know A was making this face behind me until I reviewed the pictures later. This little is boy something else :) And can we talk about little nuggets GQ pose, dying (insert laughing emoji and heart eyes).

2. Dandelions, who's a lion?: I mentioned earlier that our weather was all over the place. In the beginning of the week we started off in jackets and jeans, and since we got so much rain over the weekend, there were a lot of dandelions that came up which turned out to be the nuggets newest fascination.

When A asked me what they were called and I told him dandelions, he was a little confused and asked me who's a lion? He then said, I don't see any lions. Little nugget just started roared and we all ended up laughing. I tried to get some pics of them blowing them but I kept missing that moment.

3. Eating outside: there's something about the warmer weather and eating outside that I swear makes grilled food taste even better. Call me crazy (I probably am) but I can taste a difference. We enjoyed eating outside almost every night this week and by Wednesday we were in shorts with record highs over 90.

4. Giveaway winner: I happen to enjoy when bloggers do giveaways because there's always a chance of winning some really fun products. I've had my eye on a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins for little nugget but never seemed to have any luck. When my friend Hilary over at The Ruff Life was hosting a giveaway I had to enter. I was so happy when she contact me that I won! I can't wait for them to arrive.

5. How vacation gets me thinking: I really hate that it takes escaping away from everything to really get me thinking sometimes. I shared more about my thoughts (here) and how I want to incorporate more moments like this in my everyday life. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the everyday chaos, even social media and blogging at times, that we often forget what's really important.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Be sure to check out where I am linking throughout the week and join in all the linkup fun.

Plunge Neck One Piece and Drinking Coconuts on Jeremi Beach

And the adventure continues...I told you there was a lot to share, and I might not be done just yet. Remember when I mentioned in our highlights that coconut drinking was a thing on this trip?

Well, since Eric is pretty tall he was able to reach up and pick coconuts off of the palm trees. I joke around with him all the time that he is part pterodactyl and has a crazy wing span. One of my favorite things from this trip was hearing little nugget get so excited when he would spot a coconut and say, look mommy, look daddy, a cocie-nut tree!

One night after dinner we even crept onto the beach with the boys and had a coconut hunt. They would spot ones, Eric would go and pick them, and then A and I would run them over to the stroller and put them underneath in what we joked around as being the getaway car.

After our visit to Kleine Knip beach, we packed the car up the next day, coconuts and all, and headed out for another adventure. I am happy to say that this beach was easier to get to and after navigating the first time around it became a little easier.

Jeremi beach was really pretty too but not as big as Kleine Knip. It also had some great coves and rocks to explore. When we got down to the beach there was almost like a wall of coral that washed up that you had to walk over to get to the water. The boys had so much fun collecting some in their nets. I'm not sure if you can really tell, but in the first pic of me standing in the water, the bottom of the rocks behind me had this really pretty purplish pink color to them.

Remember when Eric dared me to go lay under those rocks at Kleine Knip, but I was too scared of the crabs? Well he dared me again, but this time to get up on the rocks. I did it. Ha! But I was definitely looking around frantically to make sure no crabs were creeping up. I was not about to have my booty pinched by some crab.

I have to say, being up on that rock almost made me feel like a mermaid. The thought did cross my mind to reenact the part where Ariel is up on the rock with the wave splashing behind her (I know somebody must know what I'm talking about). I'm pretty sure it would have ended badly and looked nothing like that magical moment in the movie, so I passed on that. This swimsuit was pretty much perfect to give me all the mermaid feels without completely embarrassing myself. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to pull this one off, but I ended up really liking the plunge neck to it and the different cutouts. Honestly, I didn't think I would be able to run around after the kids in this but I actually had no problems and didn't feel like I was popping out. I'm wearing a medium and also decided to size up in my shorts which you'll see in a few pics.

We decided this beach was perfect for bringing out the coconuts and sipping away. Eric just took a rock and kind of pounded away at the top until it cracked open. We grabbed some straws from the resort and we were set. Both of the boys enjoyed drinking them too—until they came across one they weren't too fond of. In the end they wound up spitting it out. After that they were kind of over it and not as enthusiastic about drinking from the coconuts. I think it was more of a monkey see, monkey do thing, because their big thing right now is copying each other. I have to say, I am not a big coconut water person either. You won't really find me buying it here because for some reason it tastes really salty to me. But, drinking it fresh had a much different taste to it and was actually really refreshing. I can get down with fresh coconut water.

After spending the afternoon here it was time to change our clothes and head back to the resort. That is until we stumbled upon Playa Lagun. These beaches were really close together so we decided to stop off and see what it was all about. Playa Lagun was the smallest out of all the ones we visited but its size didn't matter with having some great views and beautiful water.

There was a restaurant on top of this cliff that you had to climb up what felt like a ton of stairs to get to. But once you go to the top, the view was totally worth it. We enjoyed some appetizers and drinks and the boys enjoyed looking at the iguanas hanging out in the trees. And of course we couldn't resist putting our feet in the water.

Swimsuit-c/o Zaful (here also love here and here) | Shorts-c/o Zaful (here also love here and here) | Sunnies-(here)
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