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The Little Yellow Swing Dress

Old Navy

It didn't take fall very long to let us know it's officially here in the north east. I've had to trade my flip flops in (partially because my favorite pair broke) on those cooler mornings and evenings, but I'm excited about my new and first pair of fall booties {mine here}. 

I had my eye on {this} swing dress and once it went on sale I scooped it up (hurry if you like it, 30% off online ends tonight). It comes in three different colors but I decided to go with yellow which is very rare for me. I'm really glad I went out of my comfort zone with this one. I like the contrast between my dark hair but wonder how it will look in the next few weeks when my tan continues to fade. Speaking of fading tan lines this is something I am not happy about it. I hate looking pale. 

Friday Favorites-Hello Fall

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your week has been a good one. I'm sad to say that I think the germs in our house caught up with me. I was trying so hard to keep everything clean and opening the windows for some fresh air, but my throat is feeling it and I'm just not my self. I'm really hoping to get some much needed rest in this weekend, and I'm happy to say we have nothing going on. Nothing! This hasn't happened all summer. Weekends like this are seriously my favorite. 

Fall is officially here and I'm also hoping to get the last of our fall decor out. Speaking of fall, my flip flop broke on my lunch break yesterday which I think was a sure sign to just go ahead and embrace the fact that it's now fall. Luckily I had an extra pair in my trunk (who else keeps extra shoes in their car?!) because I really hate walking around in my heels after work. Ok, enough with my ramblings. Here's to everyone's shoes staying intact and a look at my favorites. 

1. Local fun: if you remember from last week's favorites we were planning on heading down the shore for a seafood festival. We were already in the car at a gas station when Eric's parents called to say it was canceled. They were already down at their house when a bomb went off in seaside before the Marine charity run which ended up being linked to other terrorist activity. Thank God no one was hurt! 

With our plans changing we decided to stop by a local park that was having a festival. We enjoyed sipping over sized glasses of lemonade, we finally got a funnel cake which only took all summer, and A loved bouncing around in the bounce houses and slides. 

2. Dinner out: we ventured out with the nuggets for a family dinner to a local spot that sits on a runaway so you can watch the planes take off and land. They have outdoor seating so it was perfect with the kids. I'm always more relaxed when places have outdoor seating because I'm not as nervous about the nuggets reeking havoc. Planes up and off, kids amused, food was good and everyone was happy.

3. Birthday fun: the nuggets also enjoyed a friends birthday at this cute little indoor bounce around and have fun place. I've just come to terms that getting a picture of them together is nearly impossible. They just don't sit still. I was able to capture this little moment all before one of them hauled off and whacked the other one. Such is life with boys.

4. Camera time: I was doing some research about prime lenses for my camera and finally went to a store to check them out. I decided on a 40mm lens and so far have been pretty happy with it. I was able to get it used and in excellent condition for a fraction of the cost and if the associate would have pulled it out of a box like it was new I would have never been able to tell the difference. I'm going to keep an eye out for a used 50mm lens and have already been dropping hints to Eric that I wouldn't mind it as a Christmas gift.

5. Fall wear: if fall doesn't offer enough wonderfulness by itself we also get to have fun with fall fashion. I'll be sharing more about this look next week but for now I'm loving {this} swing dress. Props to my husband for snapping a few pics. He's such a trooper and I'm starting to see his eye behind the camera might be better than mine. Has anyone else basically turned their husband into their photographer? I might just have to do a post about the life of a blogger husband.

I hope everyone enjoys their first fall weekend. Check out some of these awesome bloggers and where I am linking up for Friday fun. 

The Importance of You and Me Time

Over the summer Eric and I took a trip to beautiful California, kid free I might add. You can read more about our adventures {here}. I mentioned that some people thought we were awesome for having some quality time together, but I definitely got a few side eyes and felt the judgement wash over me when those comments of, oh I could never leave my kids hit my ears. 

To each their own, my friends. I'm not saying one decision to stay or bring the kids is right or wrong. But, before we all think that our parenting or decisions are correct, it's nice to hear another perspective. 

Once upon a time in a foreign land Eric and I were just Eric and Sierra. Our handsome little nuggets hadn't graced us with their adorableness just yet. Our days actually felt like we had time to them, even extra time on some days. Time to ourselves, with each other, the possibilities were endless. 

Fast forward to three years later and two nuggets in and we are constantly trying to find ways to add some extra time to our days. Because we all know there are never enough hours in a day, right? 

From the start traveling has always been a passion of ours. Taking trips and escaping the norm is something we strive for. It's refreshing, it's exciting, and it's where we build a lot of our memories. When kids came along we never wanted to be a family where we say, ugh we haven't taken a vacation in years. That just wouldn't work for us. 

Friday Favorite Time

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great week. Mine was slow but fast at the same time. We didn't even make it one full week back to school without picking up some bug. Ugh, germs are so annoying. I spent the day home with A yesterday and we are praying he is back to himself soon. 

But germs aside, it's technically the last official weekend of the summer. As long as everyone is feeling better we're planning on heading down the shore for a seafood festival. Here are some of my favorites from the week. 

1. Fall decor: I'm busting out the fall decorations this weekend and even started lighting my fall scented candles this week. This probably sounds late to some people but I'm a little weird with my decoration timing. I think because my birthday is at the beginning of the month and I always used to get annoyed at people when they would say, oh as soon as your birthday comes summer is over. No, technically it's not. It's just over for kids and all those who get to enjoy some time off. Anyway, that's kind of my reasoning for waiting until it's actually fall to decorate and also because I'm just personally not into rushing the seasons. 

2. Pop-up Gala: speaking of birthday's, I usually always celebrate mine a week after because it always falls on Labor Day weekend. I did something completely different this year thanks to the recommendation from my best friends, and I couldn't have been happier with the event. It was basically a diner en blanc (same concept) dinner party.

We came ready to go with our wagons and dollies packed with food and drinks wearing our all white attire. We walked a few blocks with all of our stuff (it really wasn't as bad as I thought) to our secret location where we dined, danced, and had a great time in the streets. The spot they picked for everyone was perfect and right across from cooper river. I could definitely see this becoming a tradition.

3. Disney fun: in case you missed it I posted our recap from our Disney trip {here}. My favorites took a backseat last week since we were away but it just didn't seem right to leave the trip out of a favorite.