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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I'm so excited we're all here but still wishing I had the solution to figure out how the weeks go by so quickly?! If you know the answer help a girl out and spill the beans, please. 

This time of year there is always so much going on for us but it's also one of my favorite times of the year. I'm especially excited for this weekend because it's our annual visit to NYC for the day to see the tree and soak up even more festive fun. We're also taking the kids on a Santa train ride which should be a lot of fun. 

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...

1. Christmas cards: Off in the mail they go. I always like to try and get a head start on my cards and have them taken care of by the first week in December. Adding a little detail and hand addressing our envelopes has kind of been my thing the last few years. 

2. All kinds of parties: we had the best time acting like superheros for a super special birthday boy. A was really in character and kept that mask and cape on for the longest time.

Eric and I also had an annual ugly sweater party we went to and sadly this was the first year we didn't place. I think our ugly attire went over everyone's head this year, and there were also some really great sweaters this time around that deserved to win. No offense to any Yankee or Celtics fans out there, but the party was in south Jersey and anyone who knows the area knows it's die-hard Philly fan territory. We wore them because they weren't Philly teams which made them "ugly". Yeah not so much, no one really appreciated our humor and not everyone was happy when walked in. That's ok though, we already have ideas for next year!

3. Christmas concert: I was so proud of my little nuggets who did great in their school Christmas concert. This was a huge improvement from last year when A ran off the stage crying and wanted nothing to do with singing up there. It's hard to believe little nugget was really little nugget and I wasn't even back to work from maternity leave yet. Seriously so much changes in a year it's crazy to think about. 

This time I was prepared unlike my first experience and mom fail with A's first concert. We now know to plan accordingly each year. It was so cute to see A singing and doing his little hand motions. Little nugget hung out in the buggie and wasn't really into wearing his hat but he still made a cute like snowflake. At the end we snuck in to take a picture with him and all of the little kids were crying because they saw their parents and wanted to come out. We also promised the boys that if they tried their hardest at the end we would stop by the bake sale and let them pick out a treat. I'm pretty sure that was their favorite part of the whole thing. 

4. Not so favorite news: I'm really sad to share this and it's more of a favorite memory, but for the past three years we have been visiting the best Santa we've ever had the pleasure of seeing. He truly made you believe and had the kindest heart and soul. The day we went to take pictures with him he was taken away to the hospital. The place we always saw him also has what's called the ice caverns where you can walk through and enjoy all of these different little displays. 

Wearing Winter White and a Little Sparkle

For the longest time I stayed away from wearing white in the winter because it just felt kind of weird. My tan is always gone by this point (I need to be on an Island like tomorrow) and in the winter I usually stick to darker colors.

This year I went completely out of my comfort zone and embraced the winter white trend and added in all things blush colored. You might have seen me wearing these stay white jeans on repeat {here} and {here}. Well, the verdict is in and news flash, they're still white. They are holding up to their name.

Now, let's talk about this knitted beanie which is now my favorite hat. I picked it up during a pre-Black Friday sale and was able to get it at 50% off. Not only is it a comfortable and warm hat but I also really like the contrast it gives with my dark hair. I'm thinking I need to get this now in every color.

Remember back when Eric and I spent the day in Brooklyn and I mentioned I picked up a Marc Jacbos bag from the Buffalo Exchange? Well here it is! It is the perfect bag for this look and I love that there's enough room to hold all of my things but doesn't feel like an excessively big bag. I also love that I can wear it different ways because with two little ones being able to throw something over my shoulder or wear it like a cross body makes a big difference. 

Decking The Halls In Our Home

This time of year is one of my all time favorites, there's just something so special about having our home all decorated and feeling bright and cheery. Even though the laundry, dishes, and the every day ins and outs are the same, it feels more relaxed and not as hectic. I mean how could it be when you look around and see pretty lights and shiny ornaments.

Getting our tree has always been a special time for us and is now even more special since the nuggets have their input and help in the selection process. I have a feeling in the years to come we might decide on having multiple trees. In the midst of all that shine, one of the things I love that we've done with our ornaments is, every time we go on vacation we buy an ornament from that country or state which then makes its way onto our tree.

I've noticed this year I'm on a big gold, silver, and white kick which is kind of surprising because I've never been a typical girly girl and attracted to all things sparkly. I guess maybe my taste has changed. Since we only plan on being in this house for another year (if need be) I didn't want to go overboard with buying all new things only to be in a different space and maybe have another vision.

This room here with the fireplace is one of my all time favorite rooms. The simple fact that it has a fireplace is awesome, but I also love the stone work and the reclaimed mantel. If you haven't noticed my style tends to be a mix of rustic chic (if that's really a term). Our mistletoe is also hung in between the walkway here and at the top we always add in a few clippings for our tree.

I have more built-ins here which I love but it also adds for more decorating (not necessarily a bad thing). I might add a few more things to this section, but for now it works. I just have to be careful with what I put on the lower shelves because the nuggets are fascinated and want to play with things. Who can really blame them?

Happy Friday-Hello December

Fridayyy!! Making it to Friday is such a beautiful thing-can you believe it's the first one of December? We have one month left in 2016. This seems crazy!

We dived into all things Christmas this week and are loving every minute of it. I'm really looking forward to this weekend and all the fun it will bring. We have a superhero birthday party to go to for a special birthday boy and our friends annual ugly sweater party. I'll try to share some stories on my instagram.

Here's a look at some of my favorites...

1. Elf on the shelf: I'm sure most of us are enjoying our elf friends moving around our houses. I know my nuggets enjoy waking up every morning and running around to see where Alvin is. Since A has been marshmallow obsessed since our Welcome Back Breakfast we added a little fluffy fun to our daily elf.

Now, every morning if the boys were good listeners and overall well behaved, Alvin leaves them a marshmallow in the morning. So far we've experienced one day where A did not get one. Let me just tell you, he was on his best behavior that whole day and I don't think I've ever heard him ask me so much what he could help out with.

2. Lights at the zoo: one of our favorite traditions to do is visit the Turtle Back Zoo for their light display. Eric and I have been going to this for years even before the nuggets were around. We love that it's also for a good cause and benefits local families in need. They have donation drop offs for caned goods and unwrapped toys which is essential your ticket in.

It's so much fun to see the zoo lit up and what all of the animals are up to at night. I loved seeing the boys faces light up with every corner that we turned.

3. Christmas tree: one of my favorite things this week has been admiring our Christmas tree with all the twinkling lights and shiny ornaments. I find myself feeling like a big kid again. This years decorating was definitely interesting and a little more challenging, but having the nuggets help and show their excitement was all worth it. You can read more about our tree adventures {here}.

4. Cyber Monday: I know this time of year is all about giving to others and that's something I really enjoy doing. But, sometimes there are deals out there we just can't avoid helping ourselves to. I have a feeling I'm not alone on this one.

I wasn't always a huge Cyber Monday shopper but the extra incentive of cash back from my credit card and ebates along with not dealing with crowds and the lines made getting these deals feel even greater. I find myself anxiously checking the mail for my orders. I can't wait to get these Quay cherry bomb sunglasses, I tried them on in-store and loved the way they looked. I'm sure it's probably risky getting a lighter colored jacket with little sticky fingered nuggets, but I did hit the purchase button on this frost free quilted jacket in flurry.

Oh, Christmas Tree

There's just something about having a real tree in our home during the holidays. I know there's a lot of pluses to both sides when it comes to having a real or fake one (we've had both) but for now, we are loving having a live tree. 

Our first official Christmas tree was one that we chopped down from our yard. We knew we were going to get rid of it when we moved into our first home, so instead of cutting it down over the summer we dealt with it blocking the front door and waited until Thanksgiving weekend. It was a tall Carolina Blue Spruce that we cut off 9 feet from the top and brought into our living room as our first tree. I think that's what sparked our love for Christmas trees and still to this day has us contemplating opening up a tree farm. That tree will always be one of my favorites even if it did bring in a spiders nest that hatched in the house (tis the season). 

This year's tree picking brought us a whole other experience when we learned A was pretty opinionated with the tree selection. You can see from the pictures we weren't exactly on the same page. He's pointing to one while I'm pointing to another. He even started screaming at one point no not that one, this one! After some back and forth, we finally found-the one. After that it was all smiles from there. 

I'm not sure how much my little nugget was into the whole tree picking thing. I think he was more fascinated running between the trees and picking up mulch from the ground. He started making me nervous though when he kept brushing his squishy little cheeks up against all those pine branches. He wasn't very happy with me when I swooped in and picked him up. Cue the tears and some flaying around, (wish we would have gotten that on camera but Eric came over to help me) I just had to laugh it off and distract him. From there I pretty much made goofy noises and smiled at him the whole time. Totally normal to just smile and make high pitched noises while walking up and down rows of Christmas trees, right? I mean, it is a holly jolly season after all.