Winter Outfit Idea-Blanket Love

It didn't take much time after the new year for the first official snowfall of winter to arrive. If you caught my instagram then you might have seen I shared a peek of this winter outfit. Even though we only got a dusting, (which is my kind of snow) I was excited to break out some snowy inspired outfits.

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I love dark colors in the fall and winter, black being my go-to, and then navy is also a huge favorite of mine. If you remember, I shared this blanket scarf before the holidays when I snagged it on a major sale (It's now sold out but I am linking some of my other favorites) and picked one up for my sister in a pail pink color. Since I have a dark beanie and boots I thought I would just roll with an all dark look. A beanie and some warm boots are a must. They might as well be winter essentials. Because if my feet and head are warm then usually I'm a lot warmer.

Speaking of being warm, the boys had the best time playing out in the snow. Even though it was cold, it was a tolerable cold were they weren't complaining 956 times. We had a fluke snowfall back in November before Thanksgiving and I remember all I kept thinking that night was, please don't go into labor. It took Eric over 4 hours to get home from work and the roads were out of control. Baby C stayed put and now this was his first official snowfall. Naturally we bundled him up extra good and took him out for all of about five minutes to snap some pics. I'm hoping to put a post together for that, or if all else fails, I'll sneak it into my Friday favorites.

So about this blanket wrap, it came in a one size fits all and at first I was little skeptical. I've mentioned before I'm not the tallest person around, so sometimes I have a difficulty with the length when it comes to things. I didn't feel lost in this or that it over powered me. It was extremely comfortable to wear and great for a cozy vibe. I wore it out to lunch with some of my girls and then came home and snuggled up on the couch with it after. I mean, the word blanket is what they call it so why not, right? 


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I hope it's been a great week for you all. I was really hoping this would have been a low-key week and working back into a routine since the holidays are over. I guess that was wishful thinking because majority of my days seemed over before they even started. I did get my mountain of laundry down to a small hill though. I feel much better about that because that's a hill I can climb. 

Here's a look at some of my favorites...

1. Starting off the new year: 

I took a little time away from blogging and to be honest, it was a beautiful thing. Don't get me wrong, I love connecting with all of you, but I've always taken a more no pressure blogging attitude and try not to stress myself out about it. I think that's why I've been able to stick with it for so long, it's hard to believe this will be my 6th year. And the best part is, I don't feel burnt out. Anyway, if you caught my post from earlier this week I shared about our new year's celebration and our word for the year.

2. Life lately:

I don't want to complain and make it seem like it's all chaos over here. We have our days for sure. But for the most part, it's organized chaos. I shared more about what's been going on lately.

3. Precious love:

Even in our moments of craziness calm always seems to find a way. Like this sweet moment and little reminder when my little love fell asleep on me and crossed his hands. I sat her for so long just admiring him and taking him all in. He's changing so much and I know too well how quickly these precious new born moments go. My mama heart kept melting over and over again.

4. That dog life: 

If you follow me on instagram (@beautifully_candid) you might have seen this picture yesterday (or not because the algorithm either loves me or hates me). It seriously cracked me up when I saw it. We were sitting out on our steps and Eric was snapping a few pictures for me because it felt like forever since I took a few with my big boys. Coaty ran over and plopped himself down with that silly expression. Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking or what they would sound like if they could talk?

5. Favorite finds:

During our late night feeding sessions, or when baby C is snuggled up on me and I won't dare move to disturb him, I've found myself doing a bit of online shopping. The other night while half asleep at 4am, I realized I ordered a box of 50 packets of steri strips for baby boy for when we re-tape his NAM. I didn't even realize I ordered them until I saw the email confirmation the next morning. I will say, all of these other purchases I have been coherent for. 

I shared on my stories and asked you all to help me narrow down some options I was looking at. The chenille yellow sweater is sooo soft and comfy. I really like this mustard sweater as well (currently sold out) available in ivory, but the little holes on it do have my wearing a cami under it. I really liked these side slit leggings (currently 40% off) in person but decided to send them back because of the length. I'm pushing a hard 5'3 over here, and with the side slit it came down over the top of my foot and looked silly. If you're more average height I would say check these out. I also hit a sale with Old Navy and got this french terry ruffle sleeve sweatshirt for under $7. Yes, please! It's so soft and great to throw on with a pair of jeans and easily look put together. They also have these plush knit balloon sleeve tops on sale that I'm thinking about snagging. We can't forget about some baby love. My friend got C this adorable koala beanie and this pack of onsies with one that says, be strong. It brought tears to my eyes (which isn't hard to do these days) because our little guy is such a tiny warrior. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here's where you can find me linking for all the link up fun. 

Life Lately

It feels like forever since I did much of an update around here. Skipping out on a few weeks of Friday favorites left some memories on the table that I wanted to document. I'm not even sure where to begin because life has been all over the place for us lately. There have been many moments filled with so much joy and happiness and then others that brought on some tears, stress, and a whole lot of chaos. Somehow in between a few deep belly laughs and trying to remember if all my kids ate before leaving the house (eek and the dog), we always find a way to work it out. 

So what's been going on lately? I'll share all of the randomness here...

1. Christmas: we got to spend Christmas in our new home. Even though it wasn't decorated how I would have liked (there's always next year) and there's still a lot to be furnished, we had 25 relatives over to celebrate this special time. It was also baby C's first Christmas which made it extra special. He also turned one month old and I can't believe how quickly that went by. It was so nice to have everyone together and we all had such a good time.

2. Bury the hatchet: if you caught my insta stories then you might have seen a group of us went axe throwing. My brother in-laws were in from Cali and my brother was in from Chicago, so it was the perfect time for a throw down. And guess what? Axe throwing was a lot of fun! I wasn't sure what to expect but it was a bit of an adrenalin rush. I would definitely go again.

3. Little C: where to start with my precious peanut. You guys, he is seriously like a piece of heaven. He is just the sweetest thing but it sure has been a little challenging. We knew there would be some hurdles to overcome before we are out of the woods with everything. I plan on doing a more detailed post about our cleft journey so far. But for now, he was fitted and we have his NAM in. The best way I can describe it is, that it's like a retainer. It's made out of the same material but instead of going over your teeth (since he doesn't have any yet) there are two little pieces that stick out (A and little nugget call them his saber teeth) that we have to put braces rubber bands around and tape them to the sides of his cheeks to hold it in place. It's supposed to help shape and position his nose area. He also has a dynacleft strip that goes across the top of his nose to start rotating his philtrum (the area of his upper lip. Look at me go with the medical terms ;) down. I feel like the tape makes things look more extensive than they need to, but it is what it is. I'm also reminding myself that this is to help him. In the long run it helps prep things before surgery and also can help decrease the amount of plastic surgery needed in the future. We need to change the tape every few days and we do give him a break from wearing it every now and then. 

Poor little guy has been dropping weight and we have been back and forth to the doctors so many times. I had been exclusively pumping for him (which I still am) but then we also tried adding in some formula. It seemed to help, but then it didn't. Long story short, we are trying a higher calorie formula and hoping that does the trick. On top of all of that, we were in the ER with him the other day because we were so freaked out by this big bulge in his stomach. Come to find out he has an inguinal hernia. I know it can be really common in babies but I just feel so bad that it's something else he has to deal with. We have an appointment with a surgeon to find out if he does need surgery or if it's something that can be monitored. If you could all keep him in your prayers I would really appreciate it. Other than that he is just the cutest thing and we are eating him up.

4. House update: if you watch my insta stories then you might have seen that I've been sharing some progress updates. It's nice to see things moving along and coming together. So many of you seem to enjoy seeing them too because they end up being my most viewed stories, ever. I finally have my counter tops in after not having them around for Christmas. We made do as best as we could. The amazing husband that I have used an extra box of flooring to give me a makeshift counter. It worked great for the time being and we joked around about why do we even need counters when we can make our own. I do enjoy seeing the quartz and having an easy wipe down, though. We still have a ton more to do but we are celebrating the baby steps. I plan on doing a lot more dedicated home renovation posts in the near future so hopefully that will be something you'll enjoy.

5. Exploring: aside from a lot of the craziness and not feeling like there are ever enough hours in a day, anyone want to come help me tackle this mountain of laundry staring at me? We are still finding ways to work in some fun for the boys. It has been tough to manage our time with them because C needs so much attention. Since we have a lot of property (well at least to us) now it's been great to just walk around and take it all in. Thankfully this winter hasn't been too bad for us (yet) and we've been able to get outside more than normal. I'm just hoping and praying it stays that way, and if so, I just might not complain about this time of year so much. How nice would that be?

6. New Year's: I shared earlier a little bit more about our new year's celebration and the word that we chose for the year. We had a fun low-key night at home with our crew that consisted of goofy party hats (that I'm still finding glitter from), a dance party, yummy treats, and even a milk and cookies toast.

Welcome 2019 And Word For The Year

Well here we are my friends, another year finished and a new one started. It's that broken record talking over here, but seriously, how quickly does time fly?

I am so thankful and feeling incredibly blessed that each year seems to be getting better than the last. We had a lot of changes, exciting times, and also some uncertain times throughout 2018. It's nice to look at 2019 with a fresh start and new approach.

If you've been following along for awhile (always a huge thank you to my loyal readers) then you know we love doing our 12pm kids noon countdown to the new year. We started this when A was tiny and we knew there was no way he was staying up until midnight. It's a fun way to kick off the day with them and have them join in on the celebrating. This year we even had a milk and cookies toast and ate all the non-healthy foods (pizza bites are hard to resist) before we changed our mindset over the next day. We have been loving all the hummus and fresh veggies. If you caught my instagram (@beautifully_candid) then you might have seen some of these. I also mentioned how every year we take pictures with numbers, it never fails and someone has one backwards. I've grown to love it and now I think every year there needs to be a backwards number in the mix.

Our new year looked a bit different this year. Eric and I usually go out with some of our closest friends, get dressed up, dance a lot, and ring in the new year together. While we would have loved to do that again this year, staying in with the boys and keeping it low-key was the best idea. A brunch with the girls on new year's day that turned into us chatting and catching up for five hours made up for us not being together the night before.

We aren't big on setting resolutions for the year. Most of the time I'm lucky if I remember what needs to be done for the day. With the season of life we're currently in, keeping a long list of things isn't a priority right now, and half of the times we are just trying to stay afloat. But, for the past few years we have been picking a word to focus on throughout the year. So much easier in my opinion to remember. Last year our word was, Trust. It was such a big one for us. Right at the end of the year, everything we had hoped for and set out for with that word came true.

This year we decided our word would be, Fearless. There's a song by Jasmine Murray called Fearless and some of the lyrics from the song say, "I wanna be fearless! No holding back, no backing down. Fearless! Because I believe you're with me now. Bring on the unknown, lead me and I'll go".

This song has always spoken to me, so when we were deciding on our word and it came on the radio it felt like it was meant to be. Last year I spent a lot of my time being worried and fearful. When we found out baby C was going to be born with a cleft lip and palate I let fear creep in way too many times. I should have been enjoying my pregnancy, taking more maternity photos, and allowing my mind and body to relax. Instead, I let my mind wander and fear take over. I know most people will say that's normal, and it is, but at the same time I don't want to live this new year in fear. We still have a lot of obstacles in the way with baby boy's surgeries and so many unknowns with that. In addition, the boys started a new school, Eric a new job, and we're tackling a major renovation. The last thing we want to do is live in fear. 

So instead, we're choosing to be fearless (as much as we possibly can). I know that the reality of it will be that we'll have days where we will falter. Those fearful moments might creep back in. But what we're planning on doing differently this year is, remembering what we're focusing on, trusting again in Him to guide us through every step, and standing firm in the face of fear. There's another song by Hillsong called, Not Today. In those moments we'll try to remember, let the devil know not today.

So 2019, we're embracing you. We're excited for all of the adventures, the memories to come, and growing from each new journey that unfolds. 

Christmas Trees and Holiday Favorites

Well hello there, friends! I probably sound like a broken record over here with all of the moving talk, but it's been a big thing for us, and packing up boxes and getting everything organized is no joke. I actually would be fine if we never do this again.

When I shared last week about our new house and property I couldn't wait to put this post together. After our family Christmas card goes out I always like to follow up with a back story about how we decided on the pictures and how it all came together.

I mentioned before that we wanted to wait to send out our cards until baby boy was here and we could take family pictures with him. I knew the perfect backdrop for our family this year. Even though we've done pictures in front of trees before, there was something special about these that I couldn't resist. They aren't just any old Christmas trees, nope, not this year. They're actually our Christmas trees! I'm still pinching myself that I get to look out my window and admire these beauties. We can't wait to plant even more and watch them grow. I'm thinking from this point on I have a feeling our cards will probably be in front them each year. I mean, how could you not, right?

It's a really pretty sight to look out our window and see them off in the distance and I can only imagine how pretty they will look all snow covered. Although, I am not rushing or wishing for that any time soon.

I have a feeling these trees will bring a lot of memories for us and make this special time of year even more magical. There are so many great things to love about this time of year that it's hard to narrow them all down. It's kind of like when it comes to Thanksgiving and we think about things that we're thankful for, the list could go on forever. But I'm going to talk about a few that popped into my mind, so here we go with some of my favorite things...


The presents and all the lights, and well, really everything about this time of year are so special. It's easy to get caught up in the commercial aspect of things and all the hustle and bustle. It's so important for us to center things and remember the birth of Jesus. One of the things I really love is before we open any gifts we read Luke chapter 2 and pray as a family. 


Since things are a bit different for us this year with not having all of our decorations out, we're really focusing on being together and enjoying our time. My brother came in from Chicago and Eric's brothers from San Diego, so it's been really nice having all of us together to celebrate. 


I love traditions so much. It doesn't matter if it's keeping the ones that we have or starting new ones together. Our elf breakfast has been a big favorite and I'm hoping it's something we can enjoy for several more years to come. Each year we seem to be getting better at our gingerbread houses. Good thing for that. The last thing I need is a bunch of tantrums over crumbled gingerbread houses (I may be talking from experience with that). It's exciting to look forward to new traditions, like cutting down our own tree each year. 


One of the most rewarding things to be apart of is seeing the joy and excitement this time of year brings to my boys. There is something so magical about seeing the holidays through your children's eyes. You can't help but feel like a kid again and relive some of your childhood memories. 


It might sound cheesy but I enjoy turning on the radio and hearing Christmas music and catching some the classic movies on tv. No matter how many times we've seen them or heard them they bring a sense of excitement to this time of year. I also love hearing the boys sing along when we're driving in the car or snuggling up on the couch with them to watch movies that we also loved as kids. 


This is the first year we won't be going out with our friends and it's kind of bittersweet. My best friend and I have been celebrating new year's together since 2000, so the thought of not doing that this year seems so odd. We would absolutely love to, but it's so hard with baby boy only being a few weeks old. It will also be our first new year's in our new home so we're keeping it low-key this year and hopefully I can stay awake for it. We do want to make it special for the boys and we will be doing our 12pm kids countdown with them again. 

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a wonderful, blessed, healthy, and prosperous new year! I will be back to blogging more regularly after the new year.
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