Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you're having a great week. It's been a great one for us. We're still vacationing in Barcelona and loving every minute of this fun city. If you've been following my stories (@beautifully_candid) then you've probably seen a glimpse of some of our fun. 

This week I decided to share something different for my favorites. I typically share my favorite things from the week but this time around I'm sharing more about my most recent Mother's Day and a look back at some of my mom related posts that I've shared. Come along with me as we take a further look...

Mother's Day: 

This year Mother's Day was a complete washout for us. I'm talking it poured the entire day. There wasn't more than 10 minutes where it slowed up a bit. The Saturday before was a beautiful day and really all around just gorgeous. We had A's t-ball game bright and early and then had the rest of the day to do whatever we wanted. I love days like that. I was able to snap this pic with the boys while we were outside taking a stroll, and it's a good thing I did because it was such a chilly wet mess the next few days we would have never been able to get one outside. Well, a dry one at least. I'm pretty sure they would have been up for jumping in puddles if I suggested that. 

Even though Mother's Day in itself was one big rain puddle, it was still nice to get together with everyone for brunch. I mean, brunch is always a win in my book. We went to church in the morning and our pastor's wife gave a great message and then afterwards we headed to meet up with our moms and family. We might have all looked like drowned rats by the time we got inside, but the company made up for it. None of us ended up taking any pictures together which makes me sad because I never even got one with my mom. I'll have to make it a priority next time. Womp, womp.

Honest Thoughts On Being a Mom of Three:

This was my most recent mom related post where I shared more about what it's been like going from two kids to three. We still have days that can make me feel crazy and others that are filled with so much love. That's the interesting part about being a mom. I can honestly say that no two days are really the same.

What I've Learned Since Becoming a Mother:

I shared this before I had three little boys to love. I always enjoy looking back at older posts and seeing where my thoughts and feelings where in that moment. What I love about when bloggers share their heart is, no matter what season we're all in, there's usually always something we can relate to each other about. That's why I shared what I've learned since becoming a mother.

7 Goals Every Mom Should Have For Herself:

I love to hear from others and what's worked well for them on this parenthood journey. There was a point in time where I tried to be supermom and asking for help wasn't the easiest for me. As my motherhood journey has progressed, and our family has expanded, I've learned over time that grace is a beautiful thing and having goals for yourself as a mother can be really helpful.

That Time Momming Caught Up With Me: 

I feel like I've always tried to be transparent on here and really write as if I was sitting down one on one and talking with you. I think this post was a bit of a turning point for me. I can appreciate inspiring and uplifting messages but when you become a loyal reader of someones blog and not just a one time Pinterest find, you can start to feel connected to each other and genuinely care about each other. This post taught me that it's ok to let my guard down. That a lot of other people have thought and felt the same way that I did. That motherhood is messy and trying and we all have our days. It's still one of my most viewed posts and I'm always so appreciative of the love and support you all share. 
In case you missed it, I also shared earlier this week how our laundry room/mudroom renovation went and how it all tied in together. I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Designing A Laundry & Mudroom Layout That Works Best For You

This post is in collaboration with California Closets. All opinions remain my own. 

I don't think it's much of a secret around here that laundry and I are not bffs. I actually don't know many people that really enjoy doing laundry. It's one of those necessities we can't really get out of doing though. I always joked around that if I had a pretty laundry room then I would be more motivated to want to do it. In our previous homes, our laundry was always down in the basement. In a way, it was nice to have it out of sight, out of mind. However, lugging baskets up and down several flights of steps and forgetting when you threw a load in was not convenient, at all. We never had a mudroom before and knew with three boys it was important to come up with a way to incorporate one into our home.

As odd as it sounds, I think knowing what we didn't want in a laundry room really helped us when it came to designing our new space. Speaking of designing, do you guys remember how I partnered with designer Leigh Heagney from California Closets on my master closet renovation? Well, California Closets did such a great job that we decided to use them for other projects as well. What I love about them is, they don't do just closets but sooo many other things. From playroom storage to garages, they offer a lot more than we realized and were able to transform this space into what we envisioned.

What you're seeing here was not the original laundry room. There was a previous laundry room that we will eventually be turning into a walk-in pantry. We decided to renovate and convert a downstairs bedroom that was being used as an office. For us, this space made so much more sense as a laundry/mudroom.

We did a lot to this room to make it the functional space we have now. We added in a staircase that comes up from our garage which really makes this the perfect spot to come in and hang up all of our coats and have a place to take our shoes off. I cannot tell you how amazing it's been to have a spot for all of our things when we come home. Before all of this, you would see shoes piled up near the front door, the boys would be running around in the morning trying to figure out where they left theirs, and somehow their jackets would randomly hang from whatever doorknob in the house they could reach.

Having a dedicated space for things has made such a difference and allows all of us to feel more organized. When we worked with Leigh she saw our vision and new that having a designated area to store our shoes, hang our coats, along with shelves to use for our hats and gloves, or whatever we needed, was the primary focus. We loved the idea of bench seating and having an area to sit and put your shoes on. It's worked out so well and we're so happy with how it turned out.
California Closets made the installation quick and seamless and transformed this space from a blank canvas to functional in no time. We wanted to go with finishes that would compliment the classic twenties inspired tile we have on the floor yet still create an overall neutral feel. We decided on the color Cashmere, which is a gray tone, that works out perfectly for this space.

Since this was not the original laundry room and we added in the staircase to the garage, we needed to get creative with how we could make this work for laundry. A stackable washer and dryer made the most sense next to the half wall that goes along the stairs. That area felt empty and unfinished and needed more functionality. I loved the idea of adding in a countertop and cabinet for extra storage and couldn't be happier with how it came out.

This area turned out even better than I thought. I love the surround that encases the washer and dryer and really gives it a finished looked. The extra storage overhead is an added bonus. I feel like you can never go wrong with extra storage.

We decided to go with a classic subway tile backsplash as an added design feature. We finished it off with the same gray colored grout that is also on the floor and picks up the Cashmere color from the bench seating and cabinet to tie everything together.

We added in some personal touches with pillows for the bench seating, decorative baskets, and a stool for easy access to reach things. I've been gravitating towards a less is more approach with my decor and letting the focus be on the features we are creating as apposed to having things feel over decorated or cluttered. One of my favorite finds was this cute little laundry cart. I don't know about your kids, but mine would be barefoot all the time if we let them. It doesn't matter how cold it is outside, the minute they get through the door and take their shoes off, their socks are coming off with them. We were finding socks allll over the place. This little cart is now dedicated as the sock cart and has been such a help for those stinky little socks to have a place to go.

As a boy mom of three I should have known spending my time in the laundry room was going to be inevitable. I mean, the laundry...NEVER.ENDS. I think I appreciate this space now more than ever because of the versatility it gives me and the storage space I have. The extra counter area has been so helpful and I love using it as a little folding station. My new motto has been to try and get through one load of laundry a day. I'm talking from start to finish...wash, dry, fold, and put away. Some days I'm a rockstar at it and others I'm trying to play catch up. The effort is always there and I'm so thankful to have an area to make it all happen now.

Laundry room decor
Do you have a designated laundry room or a mudroom? I'd love to hear about what you love about yours or what you would do differently if you were to redesign it.

Friday Favorites-Favoritos Del Viernes

Happy Friday, friends! I hope it's been a great week for you all. It's been an extra busy one around here with barely any nice weather. I hate to complain about the weather, or really talk about it in general, but it seems like the older I get the more I notice it. Maybe it's because I have to worry about things like the dog's muddy paws, the kids tracking in dirt, and everyone gets in a cranky mood when they can't go outside having a little something to do with it. We had maybe two decent days and the rest were chilly and overcast. Anyway, weather aside, it was a good week and there's always something to be thankful for.

Let's get into my favorites, shall we?

Baby C Update:

I cannot thank you all enough for your prayers and support when I mentioned last week they wanted to admit baby C into the hospital to be put on a feeding tube. I shared more on my instagram (@beautifully_candid) about the amazing news we received. I'll try to make a long story short (try is the keyword here). Last week we met with our team of feeding specialists and they felt that his lack of gaining weight was alarming. We knew it has been a real struggle for him to gain (as it is with most cleft babies) but he was really having a hard time showing any type of major improvements. They wanted to admit us right then and there. I completely broke down you guys. Like all out ugly cry. My eyes were so red and puffy the rest of the day that I tried to pawn it off on allergies. Of course we would do whatever is necessary for him, and a feeding tube isn't the worst thing in the world, but, we just felt like if we didn't have to have him go through something else, then of course we want to try and prevent that. I told them I needed to make arrangements for my other boys  and  I wasn't prepared for this. They told me we could be in the hospital for up to 4 days and it was fine to wait a few days and I could bring him back this week. They also told me to pack my bag and bring a pillow because we would be there for some time.

You guys, we prayed so hard over this baby boy. We had so many people that rallied around us and just spoke so many amazing things over his little life. I even sat him down and told him, if you don't want to go into the hospital you need to start eating better. I get chills even thinking about this, but after all that, he has eaten better than he has ever eaten before. We all felt so at peace and knew at that point if it did come down to a feeding tube then we have done all that we could. I showed up at his appointment with so much hope but also was still a little nervous. I got him undressed and placed him on the scale and I think I was even shaking at that point. He hung his little arm over the side, like ma, I got this, and smiled back at me. When I saw the number on the scale I was soooo happy! He gained 9 ounces in less than a week which is huge for him! They sent us home and told us that whatever we were doing to keep doing it. They were so surprised and not expecting that at all. He will continue to be monitored but we are so hopeful that this is going to be an upward trend for him.


I know I've shared this a lot in my recent favorites but we are all having fun with A playing t-ball. The funny thing is, they don't even really hit off the tee. The rule is, they get three pitches and if they don't hit it within those three, then they bring it out. It's been a fun family time for us to disconnect and focus on the boys. Little nugget has fun watching and being extra silly when his big brother is out on the field. The baby usually naps so it's been great to have that dedicated time to our older boys.

Master Closet Reveal:

I was so excited to share earlier this week our master closet reveal. It turned out even better than I imagined and I am so thankful to have a space like this to get ready in every morning and have a place for all of my things.

EspaƱa Here We Come:

If you caught my instagram (if I'm not on here then I post a lot over there) we shared that we're headed to Spain! We're so excited for our first family vacation of five. Our big trip last year was to Italy and we had so much fun with the boys! They are so excited to visit Barcelona and also spend some time at the beach. What I've come to realize is that some people just don't read insta captions. I didn't even put two and two together but I posted this on Sunday night (which happened to be cinco de mayo) and instead of some people commenting anything that was related to my caption (announcing we were traveling), they were saying, you all look so cute, happy cinco de mayo. Ha! Gotta love those quick browsing readers. I mean, I guess I could also see the confusion there. But anyway, we leave next week and are really looking forward to having some much needed away time with everything we've had going on. If you've been to Barcelona and have any recommendations for places to visit or to check out, send them my way!

Favorite Finds:

I was in Target this week picking up a few things for our trip and came across a jumpsuit I wasn't exactly sure about. You know, one of those let me walk around and think about it for a minute (or an hour because Target is very rarely a quick trip). I thought about it and then decided to try it on and I fell in love! Well wouldn't you know it was 20% off with the cartwheel app so it was a no brainer at that point. Little did I know it's now sold out online and at most stores. Womp, womp, I don't have a direct link for you, but I'm sure I'll take a picture in it at some point. It's by Wild Fable and they have so many cute jumpsuits out right now. I picked up a few more basic tees to wear under it (currently on sale 3 for $20). Of course I couldn't pass up on getting the baby a romper (that 20% is enticing) and some tanks for the boys. This is a little random but I wanted to share a rubber bottle brush that has been working out really well for us. I'm not even talking just for baby bottles, but for bottles in general. Both of my older boys use long stainless steal water bottles and it can be so hard to get in there to clean properly. I came across this rubber brush with an extra long handle that really gets down in there. It got one bad review online but I don't have any problems with what they mentioned. I put a little water in the there to lather it up and I do make sure I rub the brush around the bottom and the sides of the bottle. It's a slimmer design, so you need to be mindful of that. I also love the long straw brush that it comes with because those can be so hard to clean. If you're looking for a bottle brush it might be worth checking out. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing moms, aunts, and those that impact our lives. A mother's work is never done and a mother's love is unlike anything else. 

Designing Your Dream Closet With California Closets

This post is in collaboration with California Closets. All opinions remain my own. 

Can someone pinch me? No, seriously. I really feel like I'm walking into a dream every time I step into my master closet. In fact, I'm not sure I've stopped smiling ever since California Closets finished the install (which took them all of a day and a half by the way). Join me on a peek inside my master closet and looking back on the process of designing it from start to finish.

Many of you know that Eric and I tackle a lot of renovations and home projects. It seems like we're always taking on something. So when we decided to tackle a full home renovation, I knew the master closet was something that needed major help. It was a standard dark closet with white wire racks that lacked any type of character. For me, I always knew having a dream closet was something I envisioned. Let me backtrack for a second. Eric and I have lived in older homes, I'm talking 1820's historic homes that had no closet space what so ever. If we wanted any type of closet space we were converting other rooms or building a closet just to have some storage space. It's just not very common in older homes to have a lot of closets. Having the opportunity to have any type of workable space to maximize our potential and achieve what we hoped for was a huge blessing.

I'm all about natural light in our home and making sure I had that in my closet was no exception. We put our heads together to figure out how to achieve that daylight shine I was longing for. We thought about cutting into the house to add in a window but that would have resulted in losing part of a wall that would have been valuable closet space. Luckily our attic is right above the closet and Eric came up with the idea to add in a skylight and vault the ceiling. In that moment I might have fallen in love with that man all over again, because, all the yes to that!

We began demo on the closet and getting it prepped for dream closet goals. Adding in that natural light and opening up the ceiling made a huge difference. After all of that was said and done, it was on to the fun part—the design phase! I've always been a huge admirer of California Closets and the work they do to transformer spaces. I was so excited to work with designer Leigh Heagney to take this blank canvas and turn it into a space that was perfect for me. Leigh came out to our house, took all of the measurements, and listened to my thoughts and opinions. She used her expertise to come up with a design that met my expectations and then some. Leigh communicated with us through the whole process and made sure any questions, concerns, or changes were properly conveyed. It's amazing to know that each design is 100% custom to fit your needs and your budget.

I was so anxious and could hardly wait for install day. I'm always reminding my boys to have patience, but I had to remind myself a few times because of course I would have loved to have everything happen over night. Remember, before it arrives at your house they are building it custom so there was a few weeks in between before it was time for install. When the installers arrived it might as well have been Christmas morning for me. It all felt like it happened so fast. They prepped the space, brought in the materials, and went right to work. By lunch time I could already see the closet coming to life and of course I had to sneak in there to get a glimpse.

Before I knew it, that special moment came and my closet was done. When the installers cleaned everything up and showed me the finished design, I may have hung out in there for a little while doing a happy dance. It was everything I could have imaged and more. Throughout the process your designer will provide you with a digital design to really allow you to get an idea of what it will look like when it's done. It's a great resource to have and was so helpful, but there's still nothing like seeing it all finished and being able to experience it in person.

I knew from the start I wanted a space that was light and airy. We went with a Chic Gray color for the walls and the finish on the closet details is Dove. I really enjoyed learning more about the products California Closets uses and how they aim to provide environmentally sustainable options. 

I wanted a space that was functional and allowed me to have plenty of storage options yet created a getaway for me. Ok, maybe I did let Eric have two shelves to put a few things in here because sharing is caring, but it's still very much my closet ;) Being a boy mom of three I have my fair share of, well, all things boys. I wanted this to reflect more of me and have a feminine feel to it. I couldn't pass up on the chandelier and adding in a bright runner along with having a way to display some of my handbags and my shoes. I also love how I now have easy access to my jewelry and can keep certain things tucked away in drawers.
After using my closet for several weeks now, I'm not sure there's really anything I would change about it. I know it might sound silly, but it's kind of empowering to be able to get up on a stool to reach for some of my things on the higher shelves. I keep joking that I want to get one of those library ladders and slide around my closet with it.

I'm so thankful I get to start my day in here every morning. From picking out my outfit, doing my hair, and sitting down to do my makeup. There can be crazy mornings where my boys woke up on the wrong side of the bed and it just feels like it's going to be one of those days. But when I come in here, shut my door, turn my music on, and get myself ready, I know I have another chance to have a different perspective on the day. 

Stay tuned because I'm really looking forward to sharing another space with all of you. It's a room I didn't think I would spend as much time in, but with a house full of boys, I should have known it was inevitable. 

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you've all had a great week. I'm not even going to lie, it's been a rough one for me over here. I've been back and forth to different Doctors every day since last Friday with baby C. Overall he's ok, we're just trying to figure out this whole weight gain issue. There's a possibility they may want to admit him next week and consider a feeding tube. My mama heart has been broken just thinking about it and of course we are praying hard that we don't have to get to that point. I have to stay focused though and know that however this all plays out the important part is him getting what he needs.

On a lighter note, let's get into some favorites from this week...

Getting Outside:

We had one nice day this week and took full advantage of it. After a week of gloom and A having to play tball in a foggy mist (that was not fun), we fully embraced the warmer weather and rays of sun. We got out for a walk and the boys played outside until dark. It got me so excited for summer nights. Even baby C joined in on the fun and was sitting like a big boy in his stroller.

Bacon festival:

We celebrated my dad and my mother in-law's birthdays over the weekend and decided to check out a local winery that was having a bacon festival. It was more like a food truck festival in my opinion but some of the vendors did have bacon. Ok, more like sprinkled bacon on top, of anything, and everything. They did have bacon on a stick though. Anyway, It was a fun time but it was soooo windy. Like crazy wind that I haven't seen in a while. It was blowing all of the pollen around that by the end of the day I felt horrible. Everyone came back to our house after and it was nice to have some extra time with everyone.


Eric's parents watched the boys for us one night this week while we went to get our new tenants situated with everything. We stopped off for some sushi and took advantage of the little alone time we had together. Sushi is always a treat when the boys aren't around because we've never attempted it with them figuring they won't eat it.


In case you missed it this week, I shared more about our time visiting an alpaca farm and making some fun memories with the boys. I should have known it was going to end in some sort of shenanigans from my little guys.

Favorite Finds:

This section contains affiliate links in which I get commission for purchases or clicks made at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your continued support.

I realized something I don't have a lot of for summer is just plain t-shirts. I came across these crew neck tees and ordered a few (they're currently buy one get 50% off) and I love the fit and the feel of them. They'll be perfect with shorts or my jeans. Speaking of shorts, I had a pair of lace trimmed maternity shorts that I wore a lot last summer and loved them. I've been on the hunt for something similar this year and they haven't been the easiest to find. I came across these crochet denim shorts but I haven't purchased anything from Aeropostale in years, and I'm not sure I'm going to love the length of these. What are your thoughts?

I can't believe mother's day is next weekend. I'm already looking forward to brunch and not having to cook. I've been picking little things up for my mom and my mother in-law and came across some cute things. If you haven't heard, over on my instagram (@beautifully_candid), I'm partnering with Greetabl which has unique and personalized gifts that are perfect for mother's day. The cool thing is, the box that it comes in (which you can personalize) unfolds and can be used as a keepsake. If you're looking to send someone something special that you might not be seeing anytime soon, check them out. And be sure to use code BEAUTIFULLYCANDID at check out for 20% off.

My mom is a big coffee and tea drinker so when I saw this single cup keurig (and thought the color was so cute) I knew it would make a perfect gift. She doesn't have a lot of counter space and I'm not sure I know many people that like big gadgets that take up a lot of space anyway. I also thought this mug holder would go really well with it. Even though my sister isn't a mom just yet, she is a dog mom, and that totally counts. I like for the boys to give her a little something as well. I thought this DIY hanging planter kit was so interesting. She's really artsy and I think this is something she would enjoy. I also love the color of this watch and think it's so perfect for spring and summer.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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