Friday Favorites-Hello, Spring

Happy Friday, friends! I hope everyone had a great week. Even though ours is ending in rain it was a beautiful first day of spring, so we'll take it. I'm hopeful that the next few weeks will bring some better weather and more sunshine. My mom watched the boys for me one night when I needed to attend a local food series event that I'll be sharing more about in the weeks to come. It happened to be the same night Eric had a work conference and a dinner he couldn't get out of. It was mom to the rescue. That's one of the great benefits about being closer to everyone now. It always helps to have some extra hands. 

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...

St. Patrick's Day: 

we might not have worn the traditional St. Patrick's Day green but we did have some variations of it. The boys have a few green shirts that they wear so I decided to let them pick whatever one they wanted for the day. I used to pick their clothes out a lot but now I'm ok with them picking even if their outfits are mix matched or not the most trendy things around. I like them to feel confident in their style and it's cute to see what they like. We still have our moments where tantrums break out because I won't let them wear the same pair of pants or shirt three days in a row. Isn't that just life with kids? You pick and choose your battles. 

would it even be a celebration if I didn't break out a little breakfast spread for them? I think not. The last one I did for them was for Valentine's Day. While this one wasn't really over the top, it worked.

Ok, confession. I ran to the dollar tree the Friday before St. Patrick's day and silly me thought there might have been some decorations left. Not so much. The only thing I could find in there was a few feathered boas and an oversized bedazzled bowtie. That wasn't going to work. I wandered on over to the Easter section which wasn't hard because it was as if the Easter bunny himself hopped down the aisles and spread Easter cheer. I did pick up the things I needed for Easter so now I'm ahead of the game. Anyway, I came across green Easter grass, and bingo! My St. Patrick's Day table decor. My mother in-law came over to drop off some goodies for the boys, she was obviously on her game, and had some gold coins and trinkets for them. I snuck them after they went to bed and put them around the table along with some signature lucky charms cereal treats. Our breakfast consisted of these no food coloring green pancakes, some kiwi, and green apples.

Baby C Is 4 Months: 

our little man turned 4 months old this week. He is seriously such a precious little guy and it's so fun to see his sweet personality come about. I mentioned in my favorites last week that we made the decision to change his craniofacial team. We're excited to see him making some more progress. We still have a journey ahead of us but this little guy is so worth it.

Spring Is In The Air: 

happy spring! It's officially here, even though it might not feel like it, just yet, we are one step closer to nicer days. The beginning of the week was beautiful and we were able to enjoy some walks outside and of course my little adventurers found three snakes near our yard. Let's just say I was not thrilled about that. These boys have no fear and I don't know what bothered me more. That, or that we have snakes slithering around on our property. I get it, we have a lot of land now so critters are bound to make their way around. But, ugghhh can a boy mama catch a break? I guess the answer to that is, no.

they have this little bug catcher type contraption thing that they put them in and knew there was no way they were bringing them inside the house. Well, these clever little guys somehow talked us into letting them bring them in the back door and before we knew it they were carrying this tank around giving them a tour of the house (are these kids serious???). Once I realized what was going on I scooted them out the door because there is no way I want a snake to know the ins and outs of my house. They were released later on that night and ever since then they want to go outside to find more. Every. Single. Day. As excited as I am for spring, I have no clue what these boys will bring me.

Blush With A Pop Of Leopard: 

the only girly thing going on over here right now is my blush colored top. I shared earlier this week this simple spring look that I enjoyed wearing when the weather was nice. The added pop of animal print with my espadrille slide mules (they also come in two different colors) gave it a little something extra. Are you yay or nay for animal print?

Favorite Finds: 

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it looks like old navy got me again this week, but everything I did get was on a super sale. My boys have been wanting to wear nothing but jogger pants lately. I mean, it's been a big struggle to get them in anything else. I came across these sweater knit joggers for myself and now I see why the boys love them so much. They are soooo comfortable. I'm hoping to get a post together with all of us in our joggers once this rain make its way out of here. I also bought this relaxed tie-front top. If I could just wear these two together all the time it would be the perfect relaxed outfit. Thinking ahead to warmer days, I also picked up these distressed denim cut-offs. I have a lot of shorter shorts that I don't know how much I will be wearing anymore, and I loved the length on these. We also hit a sale for the boys and picked them up, you guessed it, new joggers. These are still currently on sale here and here. They also had some really cute baby sweaters on sale.

ok, so onto some home decor talk. If you caught my stories (@beautifully_candid) then you might have seen me talking more about our dining room table that we painted the base of it black to give it a two-toned look. We love how it came out and can't wait to see this room come together. Our area rug just arrived this week but we haven't gotten a chance to roll it out yet. I'm hoping we'll get that setup today so you can check back in my stories because I'm sure I'll share it there. I am so torn between two chairs that I asked all of you to vote on in my stories. The results were a little all over the place and after people voted sooo many of you private messaged and said you voted for this one, but you really like both. As most of you know I am way out numbered in my house. Most of my accents in my house happen to be of some sort of blue. It is my favorite color, and the more I shop for home decor pieces, the more I notice majority of accent pieces are predominantly blue where ever you go. I think I really like these mauve chairs because it will allow me to have a little bit of girly without being over the top, butttt, at the same time I love these classic black chairs too. Ugh, it's so hard. I haven't pulled the trigger on either yet but I do know that whatever we decide I do want to go with a velvet finish.

I hope you all have a great first weekend of spring!

Blush With A Pop Of Animal Print

It's here! Spring is in the air and I am doing a little happy dance, or more like flipping my hair in the wind from these pictures. It never fails the wind comes to greet me when I want to take a few outfit pics. And now that the weather is getting nicer I'm hoping to do some more outfit posts because I always enjoy seeing new inspiration and where everyone likes to shop.

This post contains affiliate links in which I get commission for purchases or clicks made at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your continued support.

The weather has been a little up and down here but overall I cannot complain because it's been a big difference from the past few weeks. We've been getting as much outdoor time as we can and it's been so good for all of us.

If you remember from my favorites last week I mentioned how I picked up these leopard slide mules and was so happy that I got to wear them sooner than later. I like them even more in person and they are so easy to slip on and thankfully very comfortable. I mentioned before that I'm between a size 7.5 or 8 depending on the shoe, so I decided to size up to the 8 with these and they fit perfect.

Animal print is a little out of my comfort zone and not something I typically wear. I can actually tell you every piece of animal print clothing that I've ever worn because it's been so limited. I got an animal print dress for my birthday one year that I wore to Atlantic City with a bunch of my friends and I remember feeling amazing in it. I also got these really fun heels on a clearance rack at Macy's Herald Square one year that were peep toe animal print and the base of the heel is trimmed with red. They're my once in awhile fun shoes that I'll break out with a little black dress. I also have a satin animal print tank top that I've worn with black dress pants or a pencil skirt and a blazer for work. Other than that, my wild side has been a little more reserved. I love the way the print looks on everyone else but on me I seem to gravitate towards it in smaller increments.

That's why these animal print mules are great for me because they add a pop of print (if that's even a thing). I also think that animal print and blush tones compliment each other really well. It was great to be able to throw on my lighter bomber with a simple tee shirt and keep it a casual relaxed look.  I did comes across this leopard print bomber that I think with a great pair of black or pleather leggings would be a killer look.

Eric and I had some errands to do one afternoon before picking up the boys from school and decide to walk around this little town. It was so cute and I loved all of the pretty doors that we walked by. Of course I couldn't pass up snapping a few pics in front of them, especially when you like what you're wearing. Thankfully the owners didn't pop out as I was mid, hands on hair, look sideways pose (classic). The best part is, there were so many cute door fronts here that I might be sneaking back anytime we are around there to get my fun door picture fill in. Hey, when you find a good spot you take advantage of it, right? So what about you, are you into wearing animal print? Yay, nay, or save it for another day? Ok, on that cheesy rhyming note, I'm out. 

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I hope everyone had a great week. Ours was a busy one but a good one. My instagram stopped working half way through the week, along with most peoples. After it wouldn't let me post to my stories or leave likes and comments, I uninstalled and then reinstalled the app. After that, it wouldn't even let me log back in. I eventually did get back in the next day and it was nice to just disconnect for the night. It also gave me an even greater appreciation for this little space here. It makes you realize that if one day facebook or instagram were to just be no more, I at least have this little piece of the internet.

We also had a crazy week with a lot of doctors appointments for baby C. We made a tough decision that we will be switching his care and team. It's not by fault of anyone, or that we didn't think he was getting the right care (logistics played a big part in it), but now he will be receiving even better care from one of the best cleft teams in the country. We have even more appointments to go through now with the new team but we know it's all for his best interest. I'm planning on doing some dedicated posts about our journey as we do get a lot of questions about him. Even though we're learning as we go, I know it's been so helpful when other cleft parents reach out to us. I would love to be able to share our insight with others as well #cleftstrong #1in700

Here's a look at some of my favorites...

Daylight Savings: 

who else is happy with the extra daylight? If you say no we might not be able to be friends. Thankfully the time change hasn't thrown us off too much and we were jumping for joy over here! If you caught my stories then you saw trying to get four people to jump at the same time is no easy task. I also had a mom fail when someone got clocked in the head. Don't worry, no one was harmed in the making of this photo. These longer days have been so refreshing and the warmer temps have been lovely. The whole week has been in the low 50s and also got up into the 60s yesterday. It has been beautiful. We joked around that the first nice day people were out acting like it was summer. We saw someone in shorts and flip flops. We enjoyed some walks and extra time outdoors but light jackets and shoes were on. Baby C had been fighting a nap all day one day so I put him in the baby wrap and walked outside. Within no time he was out. A little fresh air has been doing all of us some good and we can't wait for even more to come.

Sixers Game: 

we had a special day with our big guys and treated them to a Sixers game. We all enjoy basketball here and had some great seats to watch the game. My sister also came with us and it's always great when you go to a game that ends in a win. The boys had so much fun! They got to see the mascot, Franklin. They enjoyed sticky cotton candy, and got it all over their faces. They also got a t-shirt and a ball from the hype team that throws them out into the crowd.

We stopped off at the South Philly Tap Room before the game to enjoy some brunch. My sister ate there before and raved about their fried peanut butter and jelly that was featured on the food network. It did not disappoint and was just the right amount of crunchy bread and warm gooey peanut butter and jelly. All of their food was really good and none of us left hungry.

Mom Of Three: 

I shared earlier this week my honest thoughts on becoming a mom of three. We get asked a lot about the transition from two kids to three and what life is like managing it all. The days might not always be easy, but these three are my greatest blessings and have my heart. There are far more good days than bad.

No Food Coloring Green Pancakes: 

Do you have St. Patrick's Day plans this weekend? We might grab some lunch and of course sport some variation of green. I always know the holiday is coming up because my no food coloring green pancakes start to get re-pinned. I'm planning on making these again over the weekend.

Favorite Finds: 

This section contains affiliate links in which I get commission for purchases or clicks made at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your continued support.

Did anyone else catch the Target one day shoe sale? I wasn't planning on getting anything (isn't that usually the case) but I came across these really cute leopard espadrille flat mules. They already arrived and I am really happy with my purchase. I'm usually between a size 7.5 and an 8 and after reading some of the reviews I decided to size up to the 8. They fit perfect and are even cuter in person. I know these will get some good use with spring around the corner because I've already been wearing them on these nicer days. I also hit a sale at Old Navy this week (they currently have a cyber-delic sale going on). This wide leg French terry jumpsuit (on sale) is sooo comfortable. I think it will be perfect for throwing on and being able to run around with the boys. I must be on a jumpsuit kick because I also picked up this linen blend jumpsuit that I can't wait to wear on our upcoming vacation. I also think it will be great for spring and summer nights. I also picked up this graphic tee for St. Patrick's Day but since it doesn't scream St. Patrick's Day I plan to wear it a lot more than just a one time celebration. A has only been wanting to wear sweatpants lately and getting him to wear jeans has been such a struggle. I happen to like the look of joggers better than typical sweatpants so I picked up these side striped joggers and these rib-knit joggers.  I also picked up a few graphic long-sleeve tees for them that came out to $2.99 and this french-rib pullover

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here's where you can find me linking for all of the link up fun. 

Honest Thoughts About Going From Two Kids To Three

One kid. Two kid. Three kids, so many kids. More recently both Eric and I have gotten so many questions about how is it transitioning from two kids to three. There were a lot of people that told us that going from two kids to three was a really easy transition. Maybe they are super parents of some sort, and I love hearing positive things from others, but it hasn't been as easy as many make it out to be. 

Now I completely understand that our situation is a bit different since our youngest son was born with a bi-lateral cleft lip and palate, but he is just as much a normal baby in every way possible minus some big feeding challenges and some other common cleft hurdles. Regardless if your little one is born with special needs, a colic baby, or a baby that is as sweet as can be, you are now out numbered (for a typical two parent household, single parents you all are the real MVPs) and with that comes new adjustments.   

We are almost four months deep into this parenting three kids gig and I finally feel like we are finding our groove again. Can I get an amen for parents getting their groove back. HA! Hmm, maybe that should be a new movie idea. Hollywood, I'm open for auditions. 

Of course this is all opinion based and it really depends on the temperaments and personalities of your kids. I happen to have a very strong-willed older son, a threenager who used to be my sweet child, and now a new born. Yes, your prayers are always appreciated. I'm also not naive and know this list will probably look very different in a few years when they grow out of certain stages and new ones come about. But for now, this fresh season of navigating life as a parent of three leaves me with these thoughts...


Not Enough Hands: 

I happen to think that whether you have one kid, three kids, or five kids (God bless my mom) you never have enough hands. They say it takes a village and that can be so true. When I had my first son I had this supermom mentality like I could handle it all and asking for help made me feel like I didn't have it under control. Let's fast forward to three kids and I crack up at that Luv's commercial where the mom hands her child over to mechanic. It's so true and relatable. I think like most things in life you get more comfortable as time goes on, you allow others to lend a helping hand, and baby wearing becomes so important. That's my secret right now to getting anything done. Having both hands free but still having those sweet snuggles for your little one is a great compromise. I wear my classic moby wrap almost every day, if not multiple times, and it makes such a different. I've also heard great things about a ring sling carriers but I haven't personally tried them yet.

Age Differences: 

right now I have three kids five and under with my first two being 22 months apart. At first that seemed crazy to us but the more I think about it the more I love it. Sure they have their crazy moments and get into their little tiffs. The other day I had to break them up because they were playing cats. What's that you say? I asked myself the same thing. All I know is it ended up in them scratching each other. Oh yes, fun times. Ok, cats aside, seeing them grow together and have built-in best friends makes my mama heart so happy. I pray that their relationships over time will grow and strength even more.

You'll Pray A lot:

speaking of prayer, I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and it seems like with each child I find myself praying even more for them. Maybe it's adding in another person to pray for but I end up praying for each of them, collectively, and for Eric and myself as parents. I also pray that God will place positive influences in their lives as they grow and give them a strong sense of right and wrong. This world can be a scary place and covering them in prayer before those critical teen years where peer pressure and tough decisions come into place can be so important. 

You Might Cry, You Might Laugh, You Might Do Both At The Same Time:

it's ok to feel emotional on this wild ride of motherhood. There are days where you'll feel like you got this and other times you are counting down the hours until bed time. Somehow in between all the craziness we always seem to find the joy in it because our kids are our greatest gifts.

It's Ok To Give Responsibilities:

if you caught my instagram (@beautifully_candid) you might have seen that I shared about some emotions I was feeling and how I unintentionally was putting a lot of responsibilities on my second son (I don't like to label him as the middle child) and had to remind myself that he's still only three. On the other hand, I also saw him flourish when we gave him and his older brother appropriate responsibilities. As much as transitioning from two kids to three is an adjustment for parents, it's also a big adjustments to your kids. This responsibility chart really helps to manage all of that and give them goals to work towards. We've done things like once they accomplish certain areas we'll do a big boys day and go to the movies, chuck e cheese, jump zone, things along those lines. They're also both great at lending a helping hand with the baby which makes me happy to see.

Life With Three Is Busy: 

we knew one thing for sure that adventuring into this parenting of three zone would without a doubt make life even busier. I kind of feel like that goes without saying, but I also want to be transparent here. You think you have an idea of how busy it can be but I'm not really sure anything fully prepares you until you have to go through the trenches. A is starting T-ball this year and little nugget wants to play soccer again. I'm already trying to figure out how we're going to manage it all. Like anything else in life you always find a way to make it all work.  

You Somehow Become An Expert: 

I think I first noticed it when we were in the hospital and the nurses would come in to check on you and asked if this was our first. Once they found out it was our third they were all like, oh yeah well you know what you're doing then. Even now if I go out somewhere with just the baby while the other two are in school, as soon as someone finds out it's my third they back down from offering any unsolicited advice and shake their head like yeahhh, you got this. It's kind of funny and also empowering at the same time because we do have this, as best as we can.

If you're on the fence with transitioning from two to three kids it's always best to go with what you feel is best for your family. It won't be easy (in my opinion) the days will feel long at times, you'll need to evaluate your living situation, financial situation, career, and the list goes on. But, if there is a passion in your heart to expand your family and you are worrying about if you can manage it all, you eventually find a way. Motherhood has a funny way of making even the craziest of days fill your heart with so much joy.

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I hope it's been a great week for you. It looks like March has come in like a lion over here because we got not one, but two snow falls and some extremely cold temps. This week seemed to go by really fast but didn't feel rushed which is always a good thing.

You know what I love? When not only is this blogging community an amazing thing but the instagram community can also be pretty amazing, too. This week I got to meet up with some local mamas for a St. Patrick's Day brunch and got all of our kids together. Our littles were on the go so capturing pictures was no easy task. It was so nice to meet all of them in person and see our little ones together. If we aren't connected on instagram you can find me @beautifully_candid. We have a fun surprise for our big boys this weekend that I'm sure I'll be sharing some highlights in my stories if you want to take a peek. 

Here's a look at some of my favorites...

1. Dr. Seuss Week:

the boys had Dr. Seuss week at school where they had a different theme each day, like crazy socks, mix match day, crazy hats, etc. It's always fun to see them excited about being silly. Last year we built a book tower and decided to do it again this year to see how tall it had gotten with some new books we got and also include our newest little addition. A was sooo excited to do this again that we made the tower over night and then told them we would take a picture with it in the morning and then they could knock it down. That might not have been the best idea because they were up bright and early in our room asking to get the day started with the book tower.

If you've been a reader here for awhile then you know I love doing some fun breakfasts for my boys when I can. Wouldn't you know A remembered (he's an elephant I tell ya) the one we did last year. When we were building the book tower he asked if we were having a special breakfast again. Of course I couldn't say no but I wasn't fully prepared this year. We substituted our ham with fresh fruit, not really a bad trade, and went with scrambled eggs instead of hardboiled this year.

2. Snow Day:

this isn't always a favorite of mine but I know these colder days are far and few between at this point. I have to admit, now that we have some Christmas trees on the property it has given me a new appreciation for snow because it just looks so darn pretty on those trees. The boys also love it which makes it even more worth it. They built a snowman and had fun running around before it was time to get to school.

3. Yes To The Dress:

I am so excited for my sister who found her wedding dress! My mom, sister, her best friend, and I went into Philly for lunch and then to her dress appointment. We ate at Harper's Garden that I wanted to go to ever since I saw Faith from Life. Love & Marriage went. Little did I know my sister, Faith (they share the same name), picked that as our lunch spot. It must be a Faith thing because they both have great taste. This place has such delicious food with a great presentation and a chill atmosphere. I can't wait to go back and eat outside there when the weather is nicer.

My sister looked amazing in everything that she put on at her dress appointment but she is going to look beyond amazing in the one she went with. She will actually be eloping this spring (I happen to know the details :) with just her and her fiance in a private setting and then will be having a reception later on. I am so excited for both of them and can't wait for this next journey for her.

4. Bermuda:

speaking of my sister, I shared more about some travel suggestions for taking a girls trip to Bermuda. I miss that beautiful weather and those amazing beaches. Ahhh I need more island time in my life. Don't we all? Sharing this has me excited about our upcoming family trip for the year. I'm looking forward to sharing where we'll be going, soon.

5. Favorite Finds:

I don't know about you guys but doormats have become a thing for me. I love to get a new doormat for different seasons or when I find a cute saying. I happened to be browsing earlier this week and came across this quote doormat and loved the saying. It also happens to be a quote from my favorite movie. I was also looking for some new jean shorts for the summer and came across these distressed shorts and these regular cuff shorts (both currently 20% off with code SHORTS20). How do we feel about the distressed look for shorts? Are you into it or just for regular jeans? 

Is it crazy that I'm already thinking about Easter outfits for the boys? I feel like I waited last minute last year and happened to get lucky that they had their sizes in store. How adorable are these cotton pants with suspenders for baby C? I also need a new bag for the spring and I am in love with the color (wisteria dove) in this Madewell tote. I've been sleeping on this one and really considering pulling the trigger on it. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here's where you can find me linking for all the link up fun.
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