10 Random Things

I'd have to imagine if someone where to ask my friends about me some of them would probably say I'm really random. Random in the fact that if it's weird, odd, or something out of the ordinary, it finds me. As much as I have my regular type of routines, somehow random things come up and I usually roll with it.

With that being said, it's been a minute (do people still say that?) since I've done a random thoughts posts. I kind of love when I can just jump on here and type out whatever comes to mind without really having an agenda, worrying about a Pinterest graphic, and all that good stuff. 

So here we go, let's get random and roll with it ;)....

if you're a regular watcher of my insta stories (always thank you for those who tune in) then you've probably seen the bird saga. The long and short of it is, we have this mocking bird that comes to our house everyday and flies up against the window and tries to get in. At first we thought he was tormenting the dog, a lot of you thought he was seeing his reflection, and I have no clue what he really wants. I've even questioned if there is something wrong with him. Now, I'm just convinced he thinks we're super cool and wants to hang out with us. We've done all these things to try and get him to go away and nothing has worked. The one day I heard knocking on my front door and the dog was barking as if someone was there. I opened it up and sure enough, there was the mocking bird sitting on the steps out front. 

Speaking of my dog, Coaty, I love him. Like a lot. But man oh man the dog hair has been out of control. He's getting his winter coat and the shedding has been horrible. No matter how much I sweep or run the vacuum, his hair is everywhere (sings-your hair is everywhere! Major points if you know the name or who sings the lyric to that song). I don't know if it's because the baby is crawling all around now, but it's really been bothering me. 

You know you're getting old when your Christmas list consists of a steam mop, velvet hangers, a blow dryer, and folding chairs. 

I'll admit, I'm having a hard time with baby C turning a year old. His first birthday is in a few days and this one is hitting me really hard. You would think by my third child it would get easier, but this time around, it's been harder on me. Maybe it's the fact that we've been through so much this year, he could be my last baby, or maybe because I've had the most time at home with him. Whatever it is, my mama feelings are all over the place. 

At the same time, I loved planning the little details for his first birthday party. If you caught my stories you probably saw some of them. I'm planning on putting a post together and sharing more about it. 

I didn't post on this little space at all last week and I also wasn't really present on instagram, and I kind of loved it. I made a promise to myself that I don't apologize for taking breaks and letting life happen, and I still stand firm in that. 

My older boys concocted this game called, the running game, which consists of them running around and doing laps around the downstairs of our house. They have deemed me as the person who has to try and get them and whack them over the head with a pillow. I feel incredibly honored to have that roll. I've tried to pawn it off on Eric but apparently he doesn't play the game as good as I do. You guys, these boys tire me out. I have to stop and take breaks for water, and they are extremely fast. I now have to set a timer for us to stop because they will keep going and going if not. 

For the first time ever we are getting our pictures professional taken. Well, let me rephrase that, our first time taking pictures as a family. My wedding was professionally photographed. Other than that, it's always been us snapping pics or getting my sister or mom to take them for us. We also have three of our friends and their families coming over to get their pictures taken in our Christmas trees. Dogs, are coming, kids are coming, let's all hope this isn't one big circus. 

I'm losing interest in the real housewives of orange county. It seems like the same drama all the time and I'm kind of over it

I wish we had one of those lights that you could clap and turn the lights off (anyone remember the clop on, clap off?). Our light switch is too far to reach from our bed and when I'm ready to turn it in, I don't feel like getting out

What's something random that's been going on with you? 

Friday Favorites-Celebrations

Happy Friday, friends! It's been an exciting week over here with a lot celebrating going on. We kicked the month off with my sister's birthday, Eric's birthday was on Wednesday, and cue all the tears...baby C's birthday is in less than two weeks. I'm.so.not.ready.for.it! We'll talk more about that once it gets closer, but for now, I'm going to take my mind off of things by working on some small details for his party and sneaking my kids leftover halloween candy. 

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...


I mentioned it was both my sister and Eric's birthdays this week. We've all consumed way too much cake and goodies, but they deserve to be celebrated, and that's exactly what we did. It will continue to carry on this weekend as well. Since Eric's was during the week, and my sister got to enjoy hers last weekend, we'll be headed to a tricky tray and our sixers are back home for the next upcoming games! I was so disappointed to see their 5-0 winning streak come to an end this week, but we are keeping our fingers crossed they'll pick up the pace again. 

Anyway, my sister wanted to celebrate her birthday at a few local wineries and that's exactly what we did. NJ actually has a ton of great wineries to visit (those of you that have been around for a while know that I had my wedding reception at one). Eric being the amazing dad that he is offered to watch the boys so I could go out with my sister, brother, cousin, and my sister's best friend. We started at one winery, headed to another, had some drinks, laughs, fun, and then everyone wanted to come home and hit golf balls in our backyard and ride on the quads. I think my sister had a pretty epic birthday.

Eric's was more low-key since it was during the week and he also had a work dinner to go to that night. We met for lunch at a new spot for us and had delicious burgers. I had a coffee burger which is kind of ironic because I don't even like coffee. But I do love the smell of it. I decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed. Yuengling which is one of Eric's favorites drinks, is native to PA, and they partnered with Hershey's to produce their first chocolate beer. The place we were at happened to be one of a handful of places to carry it for a limited time. The owner was nice enough to give Eric a limited edition glasses to take home with him. I'm not a big drinker, but man this was tasty. The boys go to sing to him and give him his gifts before he headed out to dinner.

Flea Market Finds: 

there's a popular flea market not too far from us that we've been wanting to stop by for awhile. Sundays are always their big day but it's hard for us to go in the morning with church. By the time we get home, everything is already picked over. Since it was daylight savings, we decided it was a great day to try and head there. It was the best idea, ever! I think we're going to make it a fall daylight savings tradition now. If everyone is going to wake up super early we might as well take advantage of it. We walked around the whole thing, got breakfast sandwiches, made some purchases, and still made it to church on time. That would not happen at any other time. I've been on the lookout for an old ladder but didn't want to spend a lot on one. I checked all the typical places, letgo, FB marketplace, etc, and all were more than I wanted to spend. I found one here and was able to talk the guy down to $8! I'm going to clean it up a bit, and I have an idea of how I want to use it as some party decor for C's birthday and also do something fun with it for the kids around Christmas. I also found an old crate, an old standup chalkboard, and Eric found some hand saws that we can use for our trees. Overall it was a very successful trip and I'm looking forward to doing some of these projects this week.

Thankful Pumpkin: 

after we got hit with frost we decided it was time to pick our little batch of pumpkins that we grew. None of them ever really turned a true orange color, yellow and green instead, but the boys were so excited to get them and bring them home to paint them and decorate with them. We've been doing a thankful pumpkin ever since A was little and decided to use our one big yellowish pumpkin that we got as our thankful pumpkin this year. Every night we talk about and write down on the pumpkin something that we're thankful for.

You guys will never guess who we got to take this family picture for us. I tell you, we are really random. Quick story, we were getting our mail, which is pretty far from the front of our house and up by where we have the pumpkins. We were coming home and stopped to get our mail and saw a UPS truck sitting in our cul-de-sac. He told us he was just stopping for a few minutes to take his break. I figured since he was already up there I'd ask him if he could snap a picture of us picking our pumpkins. You guys, he was the coolest! He was all into it and even took some candids. He was so nice! Hey, you gotta use your resources, right?

Recent Posts: 

well look at me with three posts this week. whoop whoop! I'd love to keep this up but we'll see how time permits. I've really been trying to focus on family first, especially with the holidays coming up. You all know you can peek my stories and see some fun over on my instagram as well. This week I shared some funny things my boys have recently said. I always enjoy hearing what little ones say and seeing how their minds work. I'm going to miss when they outgrow the wrong phrases or literal terms, so I'm documenting what I can.

I also shared three different looks to transition a dress from summer to fall. I love pieces that you can wear throughout the seasons. And my $11 dress will be getting a lot of use out of it!

Favorite Finds: 

speaking of finds, is anyone else excited for Old Navy's friends and family event? It's no secret we're big old navy shoppers. I get sooo many deals on things and they have such great finds for the boys. Plus we're big fans of their built-in karate flex pants for the boys. I have so many things in my cart and I am just waiting for the 9th to hit when it will all be 50% off! I'll let you peek my cart...this plaid scoop neck midi dress is sooo cute! I'm trying to figure out a theme for our Christmas cards and I'm not sure what direction I want to go in just yet, but this is a big contender. I also love this blanket scarf as a gift idea for some of my girlfriends. You can never have too many winter accessories and I always appreciate them as gifts. I also love the color of this swing dress for the holidays. I really love these animal print slip ons and hope that they do a full restock of sizes on them. This gooseberry plaid coat is also amazing! My boys are all into those sequin type shirts that change when you flip them up or flip them down. I found this beanie that has sequins as well. I'm in need of a new pair of slippers and these sherpa lined slippers have me thinking they are some kind of cozy. Speaking of cozy, these fun Dad cozy socks would make a great stocking stuffer. Happy shopping!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

One Dress Styled Three Ways-Striped Midi Dress

Most of you know that I am a deal shopper. It's rare that I pay for something full price unless it's from Marshalls where they don't really have markdowns or I think it's a good deal in general. I enjoy the excitement of feeling like I'm getting a deal and using my money wisely.

I shared a few weeks ago that I got this striped midi dress on a major steal for only $11. And guess what? It's still on sale! I know it's sleeveless and can also have a spring and summer vibe to it, which I love (who doesn't love a transitional piece you can wear for multiple seasons). I thought about how I can wear this in the fall and put together a few options.

When in doubt a classic denim jacket would be great with this and there's no reason you couldn't wear it with sneakers to give it even more of a casual look. Bottom line, this dress is super comfortable and versatile. I don't usually get too excited about things, but this one you can obviously tell I really like. Mix in comfort, quality, and a good deal, and I am sold.

Random fact, these pictures were taken right at our yard. We're surrounded by over 650 acres of preserved farmland, and I guess you could say our neighbor, even though we can't even see their house, grows corn. Their corn goes to the edge of our property and made for some fun exploring this fall.

It was the perfect sunny yet crips fall day, and the boys thought it was so fun to walk through the rows of corn. The baby was kind of a handful because he just wanted to pick the leaves and the corn off, and we certainly didn't want to mess with their hard grown crop.

I love an oversized cardi for fall and like wearing them with jeans, dresses, or even jumpsuits. I decided to belt this one to give it a more defined look. To be honest, I think this might have been my least favorite of three looks, on me specifically. I've always been on the curvy side, particularly when it comes to my, backside. I embrace it. I never really had a problem with it even when curves weren't really a thing back in highs school. But here, I'm not so sure this looks the best on me. It could also be that I'm extremely awkward looking when it don't have a kid on my hip and I'm trying to figure out what to do with my hands. Now I see why so many people reach for that token iced coffee cup in pictures. Anyway, For someone else who isn't pushing as much junk in the trunk (just saying), I think it would look really cute on!

Next I went with a basic sweater over the dress. I shared this look several years ago and have loved it every fall. It's such a simple way to extend the life of the dresses you already have in your closet but might not be weather appropriate for fall. I remember the first time I wore this in the office and everyone loved it. Sure enough, guess who was wearing sweaters over their dress in the weeks to come. I'm sharing it again because I can always appreciate getting inspiration from others and hopefully these looks help you getting ideas of what to wear.

The last look I went with was a simple long sleeve tee that I knotted in the front. As I mentioned before my curves have never bothered me and I actually felt the most comfortable in this. Sometimes things that are more form fitting on me are what I prefer. In a completely non-trashy way, of course. I couldn't resist my pair of black booties and a staple hat to help bring the whole look together.

Funny Things My Kids Have Said

Kids-Say-The Darndest-Things
It's been a while since I shared some of the funny things my kids have said, and if you have little ones, nieces, nephews, or spend 10 minutes around kids, then you know they come out with some pretty funny things. The best part is, it's usually unintentional because they are just learning the ropes, expanding their vocabulary, taking things literally, or getting phrases mixed up. And you know what? I'm here for it. It's those funny moments of parenting that add some comic relief in between those chaotic and crazy moments. It's always good to take some time to smile, laugh, and lighten up.

The last time I shared about some of the things my boys have said was back when I was pregnant. I was cracking up as I went back and read this. They came out with some pretty crazy things while I was pregnant and I loved hearing their little thoughts. It also made for some great memories and I can't wait to tell them some of this stuff when they're older. Here are a few things they've recently come out with...

I was recently talking to my mom about how much I love this time of year for fashion, oversized sweaters, and all the comfy clothes. I must have lost my mind for a split second and forgot that I'm a boy mom because I nonchalantly said, I love that it's bootie season! Well, wouldn't you know that my older two whipped their heads around so fast with this silly smirk on their faces, looked at each other and started cracking up, saying, booty season! Then they deiced to make jokes about it and say things like, mama, you're going to have your booty out. Booty season, why is it booty season? Do we get to take our pants off. Oh geez, the things they think are amusing. Don't worry though, I set them straight. I'm pretty confident no one will have a booty out in public. At least I can only hope.

The other day I was making eggs for breakfast and a lot of times the boys will like to help me in the kitchen. Lately A has been asking me a lot about food. What's in things, what animal is it, and so on. Honestly, I wouldn't be shocked if he decides he wants to be a vegetarian one day. So anyway, I'm at my counter cracking eggs, and he asks me about the yoke and baby chickens. He then thinks he has this great idea of how a baby gets in your belly. Apparently all someone needs to do is eat a chicken egg and then you are pregnant.

You know those things you once said you would never do before you became a parent? Well, for me it was let my kids have McDonald's. Fast forward to now being a parent and a few chicken nugget happy meals later, and here we are. We don't do it often, and the boys know it's a big treat when we do, but we were recently in the drive-thru and the boys like me to pull past to their window and let them unbuckle to hang out the window and take the bags of food from the workers. As I parked the car to get them situated back in their seats, little nugget says to me, mama! Now I know where Daniel Tiger works! I said, you do? I said to him, I didn't think he worked. He said, oh yes he does. He wears the same outfit as the McDonald's people. I guess that red sweater totally means you work at McDonald's. 

The batteries in our remote for the tv recently went and the boys couldn't get it to turn on. They helped themselves to our junk drawer to try and change the batteries, and while I can appreciate them being proactive, I now have no clue what batteries are good or bad, because they mixed them all together. Anyway, little nugget comes up to me and says that I need to get the tv detector. I asked him what he meant by that because I thought maybe he meant the guide on the tv (you never know how their little minds work). A confidently came over and said, no, no, no, he means the tv doctor. I quickly glanced over at the tv hoping they weren't insinuating they broke it. It looked like it was all intact and thankfully a switch of batteries fixed the whole thing.

Some of you might have seen that A lost his first tooth. There was a lot of excitement leading up to this milestone moment. It was loose for a few days before it fell out and we did ask him a lot if he wanted us to pull it, tie floss to the door knob, you know, all those tooth pulling ideas. The one night he did put floss around his tooth and tried to pull it out himself, but it still needed a little time. Little nugget came up to me and asked me, why does the sloth pull out his tooth? I said, the sloth? I honestly had no clue what he was talking about. I thought maybe I missed something and the tooth fairy was old news and now there's a sloth. But what he really meant, was floss.

I have to say, I am really proud and a bit surprised at how well they have had self control with their halloween candy. They haven't asked for it much, and if they do, it's for one piece. I can get down with that. I really think they might have been more excited to come home and sort it, than eat it. If they reached for anything in their bags it's been m&ms or nerds. Little nugget was chomping down on some when A realized he was fresh out of nerds. He asked if he could trade candy with his brother for a pack of nerves. I had to chuckle a little bit because I've never heard anyone refer to them as that, but I can see the confusion. He must have noticed that I made a reaction and said to me, what? I really like them. I said, I can see that, are nerds your favorite? He said, what's a nerd? I like the nerves. You know, like how you say things get on your nerves. I'm sure I made some goofy face and my eyes got big when he said that. Unfortunately he knows what it means to get on someone's nerves, but I also love that he has no clue what a nerd is, because nerds don't exist around here.

I've been trying to sporadically do things with the boys after school, like go to the park, go out for a treat, something out of the same normal routine. I decided we should go check out a new park but I wasn't exactly sure where it was at. I usually use Google maps for my gps but I didn't know where my phone was and wasn't going to go reaching all around while I was driving. I ended up using the gps in my car which I haven't done in awhile. Once you put in the address that you want to go to, mine will say, route guidance will now start. All of the sudden I hear cackling from the backseat with a small voice asking me, who's Ralph? I said, that's my grandpop (his name is Ralph, after all). A then says, well why is she talking about him on the radio? I was so confused for a minute. All I was trying to do was get us to the park, and apparently someone was talking about my grandpop. Wouldn't you know, route guidance is apparently Ralph guidance now. They also don't call it a gps, but ask if I need to use Ralph guidance, and I kind of like it.

Oh these silly kids. What are some funny things you've heard from little ones lately? 

Friday Favorites-Hello, November

Happy Friday, friends! I hope it was a great week for you. Can I just tell you how thrown off I am right now. I kept thinking yesterday was Friday because of halloween. I almost didn't get my favorites together because it felt like it was about to be Saturday. It's crazy how one day can throw things off. I really liked how I did my favorites last week with focusing on things that made me happy. I hope to do more like that in the near future, but I feel like we had so much going on this week that I'll do a typical one here and more of a recap of our highlights.

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...

Pumpkin Carving, Fall Fun, And All The Things:  

i love that our good friends have kept up with the tradition of having a pumpkin carving party. It's always one of our favorites and the kids have a blast. The past few years they did a byop (bring your own pumpkin) but this year we all met up a local farm and it ended up being so much fun. We won't ever turn down a pumpkin patch or a chance to have some more fall fun. Afterwords we went back to their house to carve pumpkins and hang out. The boys decided on carving a bat and after my lack thereof carving skills from last year, I let them take the reins on this one.

we also headed out to another friend's costume party. It was a lot of fun to get in our costumes and spend time with everyone. The boys played so hard with the other kids and even got the adults in on some of the fun. Let's just say they all slept really well that night.

you're all probably getting tired of our endless farm visits, but I can't help it, that's just what we do this time of year. One of our favorite local farms had their last mommy and me day of the season so we couldn't pass that up. I invited my mom to come along with us because you're never too old to have a mommy and me day. We caught the last hayride of the season after I picked up the boys from school and made our way out to the apple orchards. My mom didn't get a chance to pick any yet this season so it was perfect for her to do with the boys. We also picked some popcorn, did the corn maze, and of course went through the pumpkin patch. We got the last batch of apple cider donuts out of the oven and they might have tasted like a little slice of heaven.

A's first tooth: 

there's something about losing that first tooth that feels like it makes big boy status official. I was so happy for him, and he was so proud, but my heart strings tugged a little bit as he reached this milestone. I was secretly so happy it was his bottom tooth, because I'm not sure I'm ready to see a toothless smile just yet. I turned to my insta stories to ask all of you what the going rate was for the tooth fairy because I was seriously clueless. When I was younger we usually got change, and if I was lucky maybe I got a dollar. I was so shocked to find out that so many people give between $20-$50 for the first tooth! I mean, more power to you, but I could go broke with three little ones losing teeth. We decided on $5 for the first tooth. I was going to do $6 since he's six, but I only had a $5 or a $10 on me, so a $5 it was. And you know what? I'm pretty sure he doesn't fully believe in the tooth fairy. He was all excited at night, made a little sign for his door so she knew what room to go into, I set out fairy dust after he was asleep, and we slipped the money under his pillow. When he woke up the next more there was barely any excitement or much enthusiasm about it. He even asked me, mama, did you put that money under my pillow? I confidently told him it was not me, because it wasn't, it was Eric ;)

Christmas Trees: 

I know everyone is all about pumpkins right now, and I am too, but we also need to start thinking about our Christmas trees. You might remember we planted almost 400 evergreen seedlings to expand the already 75 mature trees that were on our property when we got it. Unfortunately we lost about 12 little trees and the verdict is still out if it's because our dog likes to lift his leg on them, or if it's because it was an extremely hot summer. We might never know.

The sun broke through after an extra rainy day so we jumped at the opportunity to get those dead trees out and replace them with some extra seedlings we had on hand. It's a lot easier to do when the ground is wet and there's this whole thing with a timeline for the optimal time to plant them in the fall. We didn't want to miss that window. We're keeping our fingers crossed that these ones make it. It was also the perfect time for me to wear this adorable, and extra comfy tee, that the sweet Andrea from Living On Cloud Nine got me.

Favorite Shares:

in case you missed it this week I shared more about a recent breast cancer awareness event I attended and had the chance to sit down with Lori Allen from TLC's, Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta. She was so sweet and is such an inspiration. I also opened up about two scares that I've had and cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am for God's protection and that the tumors were benign. The crazy part is, things like that can be a lot more common than we think and it's so important to spread awareness.

i know halloween can be such a fun and busy day for families. I felt like I was running around to the kids parades and back and forth between their school activities. We went trick or treating at a few places around us and then headed to my sister's where there were a ton of treaters. The boys of course made out great with some king sized candy bars and lots of goodies. Would you believe the highlight of what they got was a box of nerds and a bag of cool ranch doritos. It's the little things. I shared more about our family costumes this year and how we included all of our pets.

Favorite Finds: 

did any of you catch the banana republic factory friends and family sale? I hope you did because there were some good finds. I did, and after using some of our rewards I only had to pay $3.14 for my entire order. Now that is my kind of shopping! I picked up this pleated sleeve top in blush, this side stitch sweater in gray, and this basic crew neck tee. Eric picked up two pairs of jeans and my sister got this reversible poncho. The sale runs until the 4th and you if you're a cardholder of any of their partners you also get an additional 10% off the already 40% off is you use code BRCARD. Express is also having a great sale and I couldn't resist this fun animal print beanie. I also love these medium wash distressed jeans which are 50% off until the 3rd. 

I hope you have a great weekend! 
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