Happy Feet

Good morning and Happy Presidents Day! Hopefully some of you are lucky enough to have off today and enjoy an extended weekend, or may be you are like us and have to be at work or class today (stomp our feet, why can't we be lucky? Ugh this stinks!). Regardless, we hope that the start of your week is off to a good one.

As I woke up this morning my little man greeted me with his bright smiling face, melts my heart every time! I fed him and began to get myself ready for the day. My husband woke up and played with him while I finished getting ready. Three outfit choices later, my decision ended with my gray dress, argyle stockings and Enzo Angiolini heels. I made my way over to the mirror and began to apply my makeup. I caught myself looking in the mirror at my son and husband interacting on our bed, and I could have fallen in love all over again. A few raspberry noises later accompanied with some drool, I see my son stick his little foot in his mouth. He picks his head up and has the biggest grin on his face as if this was a thought out task he wanted to accomplish for quite sometime. I'm so happy I got to share this little milestone moment with him. It made leaving for work even more difficult but the replay of the memory continues to bring a smile to my face. Of course Auntie was the first one to hear about it and share in the joy.

xo, Proud Mommy & Auntie

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