Mommy Confessions

TGIF! Have you ever had those oh my gosh moments that when you look back you just have to shake your head and laugh? Well, a few of those moments happened to me and all back to back. I'm still fairly new at this whole mommy thing so I'm sure there will be many more moments to come. I wanted to share my blunders with you moms' out there or for anyone who just wants to get a bit of a laugh.

Since I'm still breastfeeding I started my last pump of the day like always. Our little guy had me up a few times throughout the night before, because he is starting to teeth. He has always been a great sleeper so I knew he just wasn't himself. I was a little more tired than usual and before you know it, my head drifted towards the back of the couch and off to sweet slumber I went. Over an hour later I wake up to my pump still on, milk now overflowing, and a not so comfortable feeling! After waking up in a panic, I clean myself off and up to bed I go.

This morning I wake up to see the sun shinning but know they are calling for an extremely cold day (North East problems!) My husband and little guy are still sleeping. I get undressed and ready to hop in the shower, only to find out that we have no water! I guess the pipes froze. Knowing that I can't go to work without freshening up, I try to wipe the sleepers out of my eyes and figure out what to do next.  Then from across the room I see the package of baby wipes. Hmm they are organic unscented so I wouldn't smell like a baby all day, they get my son clean, ah why not? Baby wipe bath it was then covered up by a fresh body spray. A left over glass of water catches my eye on the night stand and well... my teeth have to be brushed! Needless to say I've gotten a few odd looks today but it could just be all in my head. I guess a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do :) Happy Friday and enjoy your day!

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