Between Winter and Summer, Lies a Beautiful Spring

Happy first day of spring everyone! We have been looking forward to this day for sometime now. After going through one of the worst winters the north east has experienced in a long time, spring brings new excitement and a sense of hope.
To start the day off on a happy foot, we bought some fresh flowers and made an arrangement. There is something about having fresh flowers around the house that sets the tone in a positive direction. It's so simple to do and adds a little something special to your space. To change things up, every couple of days, you can change out the vase or move them to another location.

Here are a few things we are looking forward to...
Longer days
Nicer weather
Eating outside
Cooking food and vegetables on the grill (we swear it tastes different in nicer weather)
Going on long walks
Enjoying the flowers blooming (even though it starts allergy season)
Cherry blossom festivals
Having the windows open
Riding bikes
Planting a garden
Wearing flip flops and open toe shoes
Finding art inspiration and working on projects outside
Sunglasses (it might seem odd but they just wear differently in spring)

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