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The Negative Opportunist
We've all probably seen it or heard about a situation occurring more often than not. You see someone in the mall who walks past a wet floor sign and clearly notices the precaution, yet somehow they slip and fall. It all of a sudden becomes someone else's fault, opening a window of opportunity for the negative opportunist. This post is inspired by situations we encountered that have caused us to truly questions a person's intentions, morals, and lack of right and wrong. It has become evidently clear that so many people are just looking for a hand out or a way to pull one over on one another.

Now don't get us wrong, in situations where justice is warranted, the necessary actions are expected within reason. We are referring to those negative opportunist situations. The situations where people are just waiting for the moment to take someone for all their worth. How have we gotten to this point? How have we as a society become so brainwashed to want to screw one another over? Instead of a simple I'm sorry, I'm at fault, it's talk to my lawyer.

Where have we as parents, as siblings, as humans, lost the mindset and the importance of doing the right thing? We see it too many times. That person at work who has been addressed on their performance and is now on the chopping block, all of a sudden they report an on the job injury (or so they say), and now dodge the bullet. That person who offers to help you move and then sues for hurting their back. Why have we allowed things to get so out of hand? Is it reversible or will it only get worse? Is a litigious society the norm now?
It is truly scary to think what our children will have to go through, or how morals and a strong conscious seem to be a thing of the past. We are believers in what goes around comes around. Some of these people may get away with bad behaviors for the time being but in the end, as the saying goes, cheaters never prosper.  

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