Chocolate and Hazelnut Lined Ice Cream Cones

I scream, you scream, oh who doesn't like ice cream?

There is something so enjoyable about this frozen treat on a warm night that just exemplifies summer. Here is a little something extra that will bring big taste to your next cone! Pick your favorite flavor of ice cream and decide on one scoop, two scoops, three scoops, or hey, why not splurge and go more. Having a Memorial Day party this weekend? Surprise your guests with something extra in their cone!

Melt down chocolate chips and hazelnut spread together (this can be done on stove top in a sauce pan or microwave)
Take your favorite cone, and with a knife line the inside of the cone with the melt
Put cones in the freezer and let stand until the melt has hardened 
Scoop in your favorite ice cream and enjoy

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