Beach Days-Packing for a Baby & What You Get With Us

In honor of the first "official" week of summer, we decided to do a combined post of what to pack for your baby's beach day and also about what type of experience you would have if you spent a day on the beach with us. 

Before bringing a little one along, preparing for the beach was not a detailed task. Beach towel (check), sunscreen (check), water (check), ok let's go! Now, there is more that goes into it. We made an effort to pack as minimally as possible but still make sure we had the necessities. We always feel bad for the dads that are trailing behind their families struggling to carry everything through the obstacles of scattered people and hot sand. 

So what did we pack for the little guy? Here is a list of what worked for us and what we needed to have a successful beach day with a baby. 

Sunscreen-it's a must
Bathing suit and long sleeve swim shirt to minimize sun exposure
Beach blanket and towels
Swim Diaper
Extra change of clothes
Sun hat-the kind with a neck strap so it doesn't blow off
Plenty of fluids and snacks-depending on baby's age
Sunglasses-if they will wear them
Disposable changing pad and extra diapers
Beach toys
Corn starch-it helps knock off the extra sand

To our surprise these items worked fine for us and there wasn't anything extra we came across that we needed. Everyone is different and we're sure that as he gets older the list will grow. If you haven't ventured to the beach yet with your little one, it's important to realize your first few beach experiences will be very different than what you are used to. Just a pointer, embrace the sand, it's inevitable they are going to want to explore it. Make the most of your day and try to enjoy yourself. 

Now on a different note, if you were to spend a day on the beach with us (no kids involved) it would go a little something like this...

We would need to get there early, preferably by 10:30-11am. If not, you can meet us there.

 We would be sitting close to the water with a beach chair.

We would be listening to either reggae or country.

 We would take several pictures and more than likely have to take a few do-overs 
because it's hard to get one where we both like the way we look.

 It would be inevitable that one of us is stepping on a crab (more than likely it would be Faith).

 When we go down to the water, Faith is on a mission to find sea glass and Sierra would be 
looking for the shells that look like a fan.

When we actually go in the water we aren't afraid to get our hair wet. One of us, if not both, is usually getting knocked over by a wave (you know the beach day isn't complete until someone gets smacked by a wave).

If we were eating lunch a Wawa hoagie would be packed (they're so good!) 
and we would be fighting off the pesky seagulls. 

 We would talk about what is going on in our lives, probably something family
 related (our three brother's always have some situation that makes for a good story).  

A nap towards the end of the afternoon always feels amazing.


  1. awesome baby packing list, wish I had found it when my little guys were babies. A day at the beach with you guys sounds like lots of fun! Thank you for linking up with us on the TGIF Hop. :)

    1. Thank you! It's nice to hear another mom would have found this useful. Thanks for having us :)

  2. Good tip with the corn starch. I don't live near a beach so I had no idea about that. We'll be packing that with us when we FINALLY decide on a vacation to the beach. What's a Wawa hogie?

    1. Glad you found the tip helpful! A Wawa hoagie is similar to a sub, hero, or a grinder. Depending on where you live it's called something different.


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