Summer Activities For Babies

Summer is hands down one of our favorite seasons, just the thought of it gets us excited! We've decided to take advantage of the nice weather and put together a list of summer activities to do with your little one. This doesn't have to be for just mom's and babies, but for dad's and aunties too, or maybe you are a nanny or summer camp worker that could find some of these suggestions useful. 

As a first time mom with a little boy who is gaining more and more energy and constantly wanting to explore things, I often think to myself, how in the world am I going to keep him occupied or make sure he is getting the stimulation he needs. He is only 8 months, and when researching, it was hard to find activities for babies under one. This is our first summer together and a learning experience for both of us. I wanted to share some fun activities that have kept him occupied thus far, allowed us to enjoy the warmer weather, and have only made our mother and son bond stronger. I have tried to incorporate several sensory activities so that while he is playing he is still learning. 

I'm continually looking to grow my list of activities and definitely don't have it all figured out yet. One of the biggest supports as a first time mom is partnering with other mom's and sharing experiences and ideas. If you have some fun activities that your little ones enjoy I would love to hear them! 

Summer Activities For Babies

Taking tummy and play time outside
Sensory play through texture touch and feel
Sensory play through sound-making music
Learning colors
 Nature walk
Reading outside
Exploring with bubbles
Stacking blocks
Visit to the zoo
Visit the park-enjoying the swings
Visit the farm-loves singing Old Macdonald
Playing with finger puppets
Learning to take things in and out of his play basket
Mirror play-looking at his reflection and things outside
Bucket or container filled with water and floating objects

Sensory Play Through Touch and Feel
Sensory Play Through Sound


  1. Anonymous6/13/2014

    When my son, who is now 13, was about that same age, I remember placing him on a blanket and him never moving from it because he didn't care for the texture of the grass. It is such a joy to watch them experience each new season!

    1. It is such a joy and wonderful experience to watch them learn and explore! I'm sure I will blink and our little guy will be 13. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. My son is 11 months and loves being outside! We definitely need to do more with music. We will have to give sensory play with music a try. I'm predicting it's going to be a big hit :)

    1. Hi Lauren, hopefully music will be a hit with your son. Our little guy loves it. Although it is more of just noise now, it's still music to our ears :) Let us know how your son enjoys it!


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