Thirsty Thursday-Fruit Infused Water

On a hot summer day when many fresh fruits are in full season, we thought it would be tasty to add some natural flavor to our water! We all know that water is essential and one of the best things for us. Here are a few combinations that we tried and would definitely do them again. All you need to do is slice your favorite fruits and add them to your water. You can start drinking them right away, but to achieve the best flavor it's better to let them chill in the fridge for 4 hours. Cheers! 

Pear + Blueberry Water
Strawberry Water
Raspberry + Orange Water


  1. I love infused waters! I'm so happy to have you at the TGIF HOP for the first time! I hope to have you stop by again this Friday! Have a blessed week


  2. Aren't they just so refreshing and tasty!?! :) Thank you, we are excited to stop by again and looking forward to Friday! Have a blessed week as well.


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