National Aunt Day-We Love You

Hope everyone is having a great weekend:-)! I'm sneaking on here without my sister knowing (sorry Faith), but in celebration of yesterdays national aunt day (which we got to spend together), I wanted to share how thankful and blessed little man and I are to have you in our lives! We don't know what we do without you. We have so many amazing memories together and we look forward to the ones to come. He loves you so much and just lights up when you walk in the room. We are all impressed by your blues clues impersonation, and your beautiful smile makes the best of any situation. You have helped me so much with many of my uncertainties as a first time mom and are the best sister I could have ever prayed for! True story, Mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas when I was 5 and I said a sister (I was out numbered by 2 brothers already and tired of getting my hair pulled and smelling their stinkiness). Mom told me to pray about it so I did, I prayed a lot, and you came that November :) We love you so much!

The best sisters get promoted to aunts 

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