Stars and Stripes

We hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend (for those in the states). We loved celebrating the long weekend together and spending time with friends and family. Not having to many expectations going into the weekend, we decided to go with the flow and see what direction it took us. The weekend started off on a rainy foot but soon cleared up leading to some great holiday weather! If you checked out our Instagram you might have seen that we went blueberry picking. We are looking forward to whipping up some yummy recipes and sharing them with you! Little man also had his first taste of blueberries and loved them! Feeling photogenic, we decided to ventured over to a local field to snap a few pictures.  Some of the great things about the weekend was taking some time to relax, enjoy conversations, watch fireworks, experience little mans first 4th of July, and just being with each other. How was your holiday weekend?

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