Wine Bottle Newspaper Wrapping

With so much information readily available to us through technology, newspapers seem to be a publication that is slowly taking a backseat. Our dad still enjoys getting the paper and we rifle through the coupons for anything that looks like a good deal, but mostly it's glanced at and then off to be recycled. We decided we would grab a few sections and do our own recycling. We first got this idea a few months back when we had a few family members celebrating multiple birthday's around the same time. Those decorative wine bags can be pricy and just handing someone a bottle of wine (although no one would really refuse it) just doesn't have much of that gift sentiment to us. 

So here's a creative wrapping idea for your next wine bottle gift. We used an article from the newspaper that was published on the date of their birthday. We stuck to the comic section, home and leisure, sports, and entertainment. We then wrapped the bottle with the paper and added a decorative bow. Not only did we recycle the paper but now they have a section from the paper that is dated on their birthday.

Wine Bottle Wrapping


  1. This is such a great way of packing. I need to try it out :)
    I've nominated you to a Liebster Award. Check my blog for more info!

    Ellie xx

  2. Hi Ellie! Thank you so much for nominating us. We are glad you found us and enjoy our blog :)

  3. This is super clever. I remember using the comic strip section growing up when we ran out of wrapping paper. This is a great updated version of that homey idea. love it!
    Shana from
    discovered you from the Social Media Mixer-thanks for joining!

    1. Hi Shana! Thank you for stopping by. We are so glad you like the wine bottle wrapping. Cheers :)


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