30 Things I'd Like to do Before 30

Birthday's, they seem to come and go so quickly anymore. The past few years I haven't really been into doing something big for my Birthday. A nice low key dinner with family is fine for me. Although, to celebrate my last Birthday in my 20's we do have a camping and beach trip planned to finish out the summer. Maybe I'll do something even bigger next year because it will be the big 3-0. Yikes! Although, I'm not really worried about venturing into my 30's except for the fact that I'm not getting any younger (but who really is?) My 20's have been amazing filled with endless blessings and if the next decade is anything like my last, than I have a lot to look forward to. As I only have a few more days left being 28, I wrote down a list of things I would like to do in my last year of my 20's. Some of the things on this list (in no particular order by the way) I have already done, so these aren't necessarily life goals but things I'd like to try and accomplish within the next year. Some of these things I haven't done in what feels like forever and it would be nice to do them again. So here it goes, my 30 before 30...

1. Take a road trip
2. Travel somewhere exotic
3. Try a food I've never tasted 
4. Volunteer more
5. Donate more (can't you tell I'm getting old?)
6. Go canoeing or kayaking
7. Have a seafood festival at our home
8. Go skiing (I've chickened out since our last trip to Quebec)
9. Attend a major sporting event
10. Go to a concert
11. Attend fashion week
12. Exercise more
13. Own a DSLR camera
14. Get a new laptop
15. Have a dream closet
16. Start a family tradition
17. Become more crafty (I'll first need to own a glue gun)
18. Learn how to sew (I'm not talking about much more than a button here)
19. Surprise my husband by cutting the lawn or taking out the trash, maybe
20. Go fishing
21. Own a chicken
22. Swim under a waterfall
23. Go to an outdoor or drive-in movie
24. Learn to drive stick shift (my husband would be so proud)
25. Win a game on the boardwalk
26. Learn how to change a tire
27. Take on more career challenges
28. Find time to read more
29. Continue to be the best mother I can be (maybe baby number 2, this is a huge maybe!)
30. Continue to further my relationship with God

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