Happy Friday

Why hello Friday! There is always something great about reaching the weekend. Regardless if we have a big weekend planned or just looking forward to relaxing, Friday always puts us in a great mood. Here are a few highlights from the week.

1. Family Time. We started the week off with a hike on the West Essex Mile and made our way down to the Peckman River. There is this great spot tucked away that not many people know about. We took a few blankets to sit and enjoy the scenery, snapped a few pictures, and watched our dog enjoy swimming around. 

2. Sister's Night! This hasn't happened in awhile. Daddy was so nice to stay home and take care of little man while the both of us enjoyed a night out in Hoboken. Wouldn't you know, at the rooftop lounge we were at, so were some of the players from the Arsenal soccer team. In all honesty, we really didn't know who they were (sorry to any fans) but we figured they were someone of importance since they had a bodyguard and were in their uniforms. Who could resist getting in there to take a picture. Unfortunately we couldn't get one together because the bodyguard was not able to touch our camera.

3. Even More Family Time! This might as well be an extension of number one. Mid week a few of us cousins got together with little man to visit our grandpop, who is little man's great grandpop. Our grandpop is the sweetest man on earth and we are so happy he gets to share the excitement with little man. He loves him so much and the way our grandpop lights up around him is so amazing to watch. He is definitely a man we all admire and look up to.

4. Relaxing. It is always an amazing feeling to have some down time to relax and step away from the every day hustle and bustle. 

5.Celebrating our 2nd guest post on The Few, The Proud, and This Marine Wife's blog. We are so happy to  have partnered up with Lydia and given the opportunity for not only one but two guest posts! Congratulations to Shecki B who won our giveaway and a big thank you to all who read our posts and entered the giveaway! 

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  1. Looks like so much fun this week! :) Glad to have stopped by from TGIF!

  2. We are glad you stopped by as well! We hope to have you back :) Have a great weekend.

  3. Stopping by from the Social Media Linkup last week. I love the idea behind your blog, winks and eyerolls. I get it!! :)

    Love for you to check mine out too! :)

    1. Hi Alycia! Thank you for stopping by. We are so excited you like our blog. We hope you will stop by again soon :) We look forward to checking out your blog. Have a great weekend.


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