First Birthday Party Success

Well it came and went. The big first birthday event. All the planning, ideas, and work that goes into a party and before you know it's over. We did a camping theme and everyone had a great time! I'm sorry (well kind of but not really :) for the picture overload you are about to see. 

I think I have come to the conclusion that when we have parties or events it's best to designate a friend or family member that knows how to take pictures (ugh, that's sometimes hard to come by) or make a checklist of pictures you want to take so you don't miss anything. You guessed it, there are so many things I wish we had better pictures of or had remembered to take. But nothing can change the wonderful memories we have from the day. 

The weather was not cooperating in the morning and I was definitely a little bummed. It felt like a cruel joke or God was truly testing my patience. Whenever we have thrown a party it has always called for rain but it always works out. This time it poured the morning of. Dark clouds, heavy rain, wind blowing, so not fun. We decided to set the food up in our basement and then tables under tents we had in the backyard. Luckily our basement is walk out so it's easy access in and out. Thankfully right when people started arriving the rain stopped and the sun came out. God, please forgive me for my little temper tantrum earlier in the morning. I should have never doubted you and know you always have my best interest at heart. 

We were able to take some of the things we set up outside and got to enjoy the rest of the party. My husband and sister were a huge help with the decor, food prep, and setting up. I wouldn't have been able to do it without them. Little man was surrounded by so much love and it was incredible to feel and watch. We are so blessed to have celebrated this time with friends and family and have them there to share in our joy.

We kept the decor simple and decided to recycle a lot of things to use. We were very happy with how it came out. 


We had a trail mix bar where everyone was able to make their own and take it home as a goodie bag. I made the stickers on and used sticker paper and a circle cutter to get the finished product. Here is the printable

Ok, so a little back story about my little guy and his cake. I wanted to be the one to make his first cake for him, so on his actual birthday we let him eat cake ;) I borrowed this build a bear cake mold from a friend which was actually pretty hard to make and after the amount of icing I used just fuse it together there was no way I was icing this whole thing. I just had to go and be cute and try to make him his first cake, didn't I? 

I thought he was going to love this little bear (yeah not so much) and now looking at the picture of it, it's kind of creepy #momfail. He was terrified of it, wouldn't touch it, wouldn't eat it. Fast forward to his party and we couldn't even get out the first verse of happy birthday and he dove right in. Sorry for scaring you my love. I promise to keep the cakes simple for you. 


  1. what an adorable theme!!! so creative and love all your details-it's crazy how quick the first bday's fly by :(

  2. SUch a sweet theme! Happy belated first Birthday from Three Sisters and Us!! I am featuring this post on out TGIF Hop tomorrow. =)


    1. Thank you! And thank you so much for featuring us. We enjoy linking with you. Have a great weekend :-)

  3. so cute and creative! your son is adorable. happy bday Asher! hugs.

  4. What an adorable birthday you put together, such cool added touches. I love the time capsule, very cool! Thanks for linking up at this weeks Social Media Mixer :)

    1. Thank you! The time capsule was a hit and it will be a nice keepsake. Thank you for having us! We enjoy linking up :-)


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