The Sweet Sound of Friday

Oh Friday how we love you! We hope your week was a fabulous one. With Columbus Day this week it made the week feel a little shorter but we had to request off of work, what's up with that? Does anyone else have off on Columbus Day besides Teachers and State workers? 

Anyways, aside from using a vacation day it was nice to have the extra day off. Despite the rainy overcast weather jersey has been experiencing, we enjoyed some fun fall activities and great memories. 

1. Pumpkin picking and carving: Every year our good friends have a pumpkin picking and carving party. It's always so much fun and never less than amusing. It's fun to see everyone's creative carving ideas. Some better than others but we won't mention any names ;) Instead of us doing two separate pumpkins, we collaborated the artistic eye and fine carving precision techniques to master one fine looking pumpkin. Ok, maybe it wasn't our best but we like it! Next year we already have a plan in place that we are keeping locked up in our little heads until then. 

2. Fall festival: We stopped off at a local fall festival to continue the nonstop orange pumpkin loving day and taste some not so great apple cider donuts. In spite of our disappointed taste buds we had a lot of fun and they had some nice attractions. Leaving with a donut craving we made our way over to another local farm but missed them by 2 minutes (darn you traffic light). Apple cider donut fail! It's ok, we are on the hunt and will be enjoying some soon.


3. Dinner with friends: It's always great to be surrounded by good friends, good food, and a cool atmosphere. We got together for some dinner and drinks at Keg and Kitchen and tasted a fabulous bowl of pumpkin ale soup.Welll, more like inhaled it and practically licked the bowl.

4. front page: Look who made the front page of for their Real fashion for Real people. I am honored they chose me and like how I represented their brand. Don't forget that you still have a few days to enter 'winksandeyerolls' at checkout for 10% off. 

5. First Bee-Day party: We buzzed on over to little miss Vivian's first birthday party. They did such a good job with the theme, and her cake, and her smash cake. I mean how adorable! Little man just wanted to run around the whole time and play with the balloons. 

What are some of your favorite fall festivities, and do you feel like you'll be able to get in everything you'd like to do?

Friday is a great day to link with bloggers and find some new blogging friends. Check out these great bloggers and who we are linking with today. Have a great weekend!

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