Christmas Tree Do's and Don'ts With a Child~I Need Your Help!

Sierra here! Calling all moms out there! I'm taking over our blog for mommy monday's asking for your help on what to do with a child and a Christmas tree. Last year was way too easy when our little bean just laid there staring at the lights and taking it all in. Now, ha! Who knows what's going to happen. I've heard some crazy stories about Christmas tree blunders that have left me wondering what in the world we should do. 

Thankfully our harvest decorations survived the test of time but we did find a few in odd places that we knew a certain someone must have moved. I suggested putting the tree down in our finished basement but my husband would like to leave it up in our living room (like we've always done) since we spend majority of our time there. 

I know we aren't going to know for sure what will happen until we actually put the tree up. But, I am just envisioning our ornaments all over the place (he loves balls and let's face it majority are Christmas "balls"), the tree knocked over, and our dog deciding to lift his leg on it. Yes, we always get a real tree and the dog is the least of my worries right now. 

So, I would love some suggestions for do's and don'ts with having a Christmas tree and a mobile child. How have you survived, is there anything you would have done differently, any pointers or tips? I would greatly appreciate your feedback. 

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