Friday Favorites

Hellooo Friday! Well we made it through this lovely cold weather (double eyeroll ;) Despite the chill in the air, which might be an understatement, we had a great week! Our brother came in from Chicago (like we should really be commenting on the cold weather). This week was all about family and good times. We loved all being together again. There was just one piece missing, our youngest brother Nathan. He is in the opposite climate in FL currently in school. Now that you've learned more about our family demographics, here's a look at some of the highlights from our week. We couldn't narrow it down to our top 5 so we are going with our top 6 this week:) Don't mind some of the clarity of these pictures, they were pretty much all taken with our phones, but you get the idea.

1. NYC: There is just something so magical about the city this time of year. Since we are not that far from New York, please no dirty jersey jokes :) We bundled up, hopped on the train, and had an amazing time. Little man loved seeing the trains at Macy's and was such a good boy for traveling into the city. We couldn't have asked for anything more. 

2. Skeet shooting: PULL! We all went skeet shooting and wouldn't you know we weren't half bad! Well, the guys it was kind of a given that they knew what they were doing, but we hadn't gone in so long and in fact this was Sierra's first trip. Faith surprised herself and found out that she shoots better as a lefty. Who knew. 

3. Dinner and drinks: Family dinners were some of the best times about this week. We ate amazing food and enjoyed a few drinks. We cracked open a bottle of wine that our brother brought from Chicago and enjoyed some blue chair bay rum that we won from a giveaway that Emily from Martinis & Bikinis was hosting. Cheers!

4. Giving back: I (Sierra) participated in Race for Hope with my little guy and husband. This walk was to raise awareness and help fight poverty, homelessness and human trafficking in the surrounding areas. We feel it's so important to instill in our little guy, even at a young age, the importance of giving back to others in need. We are so grateful to all who supported us in this cause.

5. Grandpop's 95th birthday celebration: Our grandpop is just the sweetest man we have ever known. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. He has been such a great example and influence. It ws great celebrating with him. He will be 95 in a few weeks but we had a party for him before the craziness of the holidays. Can you tell he loves football?

6. Giveaway: in blogging world we are so excited about the giveaway we have going on this week! In case you missed our post from earlier this week we've partnered with Jo-Anne and her fabulous Etsy shop. Be sure to enter for a chance to win $50's to Motivated Tanks n Tees Etsy shop. While we would all love to be winners there is only one, so for everyone else be sure to enter 'winksandeyerolls15' at check out for 15% off. 

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We hope everyone has a great weekend and a fantastic Thanksgiving! There is always something to be thankful for. 

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