The Reality of Getting Ready With a Child

Oh the carefree mornings...back when I was able to walking around as I pleased, take my time to make sure my makeup looked nice and the perfect outfit was picked out. This all seems like a distant dream. Those mornings aren't around anymore and that's ok. As a working mom (who is not a morning person), I'm going to tell you about my realities of getting ready with a child.

Both my husband and I love to get our sleep. Our little guy has always been a great sleeper which we are so thankful for. But, when that alarm goes off in the morning we are hitting snooze as many times as we can. Usually it's to the point where it's the last warning on our cell phone alarm just before it's about to give up on attempting to wake us up. After we finally get ourselves out of bed, I am the first one in the bathroom to start getting ready. The amazing husband that I have wakes up to start taking care of our little man. 

I'm sure there are things that we could tweak to an extent that might make our morning routine a little easier, but this is what works for us. Our little guy has never been one to just sit and occupy himself in the pack n play or keep to himself while we get ready (are there kids out there that actually do that?) If both of us need to get ready at the same time, without one of us waking up at 5am (that's just never going to happen), then he needs to be upstairs with us in our room. It kind of just became our thing and the way our mornings start. It was no big deal when he was little and wasn't mobile yet, but wasn't everything a little easier then? 

Now, my makeup bag is his favorite go to place. If I'm in the mirror he wants to be right up on it and I usually can't see what I need to. He likes to try and brush my hair while I'm trying to style it so it at least looks like I attempted to do something with it. He thinks it's funny to hide my deodorant, which usually ends up under the bed or some place I would never think to look for it.  He likes to take my makeup brushes and pretend he is painting with them. Then, by the time I go to use them there is usually one that is slobbery wet because it made its way into his mouth (yuck!) He likes to take my husband's belt off the bed to play with it or give his pair of socks to the dog to chew on. Good times. 

Now don't get me wrong, we don't let him have free reign of the bedroom to just get into anything or do as he pleases, but anyone who is a parent knows that even if you turn back for 5 seconds they are getting into something that they shouldn't. As crazy as some mornings can be I cherish that time we all have together. As working parents, spending mornings together is important for us. I actually wonder what the mornings will be like when he is old enough to get ready on his own. I'm sure I will miss his little sticky hands digging into my makeup bag. 

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