Christmas Week Recap


We hope everyone had a great Christmas and is gearing up for a very Happy New Year! We love this time of year but it always seems to go so quickly and there is never enough time. We decided to bring you our Christmas week recap. You are being forewarned...there are a ton of pics here! 

The week before Christmas we ventured into NYC for our annual stop at the tree, Bryant Park, and dinner. We made our way to Central Park this year and stopped off for some pictures. Can we just tell you how hard it was to find a cup of hot chocolate in Bryant Park...every vendor was sold out! So, we made our way to the streets and stopped at Pret a Manger. Luckily they had lots to share. 

Then it came, the big morning...Christmas! This year was so much fun watching little man open all of his gifts, along with everyone else's. He didn't really care who it was for, if it had wrapping, he was opening. It was such an amazing sight to see Christmas through the eyes of a child. It was really special because the hubs saved his bubble lawn mower from when he was young, to one day give it to his kids. He cleaned it up (well as best as he could, the extra dirt gives it character) and wrapped it up for him.

After our tradition of reading Luke 2, praying, and then opening gifts, we enjoyed a tasty Christmas breakfast with breakfast cupcakes and sweet treats. After the indulgence it was time to get ready for everyone coming over for dinner. It was bitter sweet because unfortunately we weren't able to all be together this year. Our two brothers, mom, and brother in law are off in other states and weren't able to make it in. Because it didn't feel like we were all together, we actually forgot to take pics of the ones that were there. We need to get better at that. 

We did however remember to get one of little man with his favorite aunt ;)

After Christmas was all said and done, that weekend we headed to a local zoo near us for another family tradition. Every year they have a light display that is free admission with the donations of canned goods to a local food pantry. We love taking little man and seeing his excitement over the lights and the animals.  Until next Christmas friends...

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