Friday Favorite Time

Happy Friday! Wishing all of our Jewish friends a Happy Chanukah! For those doing last minute shopping (us included) we hope the crowds and lines have been treating you well. Every year we say we are going to get everything done early, but it never seems to happen! Can you believe Christmas is less than a week away?!? On another note, here are some of our favorites from this week with pics from our phones because our amazing new camera was left at the ugly sweater party :( We can't wait to be reunited!

1. Ugly sweater party: every year our friends have an ugly sweater party. It's become more and more popular and harder to find sweaters! We used to be able to go into a thrift store and scoop a vintage gradma sweater and be done with it. Now they're harder to find and people have taken it to a whole new level with taking an existing sweater and trying to make it more ugly. Not sure how we feel about that just yet. We try to stick to the more traditional "ugly sweater" theme. This time it paid off! Well for two of us. Faith won third place and the hubs took first! My (Sierra's) sweater was apparently too cute. I'll be stepping my game up next year.

2. Meet me at Sesame Place: we scored a great deal on tickets with an extra coupon code from Groupon. Little man was free to go because he is still under two, so we couldn't pass this up! They're having their Very Furry Christmas event which was so much fun! I'm not sure who had a better time, little man or us! He got to see his favorite, Elmo, and go on some of the rides. For any teachers out there in the area we learned that you get to go for free too! Check out their site to sign up for free passes.

3. Christmas baking: we spent sometime in the kitchen making tasty sugar and chocolate chip cookies. We took these bad boys along to the sweater party. The real baking will be taking place this weekend. 

4. Lennon in the park: being on break is the perfect time for me (Faith) to spend mornings/afternoons with my love..there's a park in my old town that is just perfect! (Away from the roads, miles of acres, and even an area just for dogs). I like to take her off her leash because she loves to run and it gets out her energy (and my goodness she has a lot). Winter is the perfect time to go because there is rarely anyone there. Words of exercised dog is an obedient dog.

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Friday is the ultimate link day...check out where we are linking and join in on the fun! Have a great weekend.

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