Friday Favorites-How We Enjoy Our Christmas Movies

Happy Friday! We hope your week has been a fabulous one! We decided to switch up our favorites this week to bring you some of our favorite Christmas movies. There's just something about Christmas movies that allow even the cheesiest (and there are plenty of those out there) to bring some holiday cheer. In fact, we are all about the Hallmark and Liftime Christmas movies so you can catch us watching those too. Don't judge. We know some of you are right there with us (we hope ;) 

Elf and Home Alone have become must have classics for us, and Four Christmases is making its way to the top of our list. We recently watched it again and forgot how funny it is. The Christmas List just draws us in every time. And, why not a little JTT and Jessica Biel in I'll Be Home For Christmas.

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Now, what's a good movie if you can't relax while you're watching it? Here are some of our favorites for enjoying these Christmas movies. It's all about the comfort. You have to get into your PJ's, comfy clothes, or slippers and curl up on the couch wrapped in a great throw. It's a must. Then, it's all about the atmosphere. Winter scented candles should be lit and the lighting should be just right. Too dark and we're falling asleep on the couch. Now, what better way to top off your movie magic then enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and snacking on some treats. We love us some cheese and crackers. Ha, ours is no where as nice as what's pictured. It's more of like a box of opened wheat thins and block of cheese that we're hacking at. Regardless, it gets the job done.

How do you like to enjoy your Christmas movies?

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