I'm a New Mommy!

A new mommy to a dog that is:) Faith here, you usually read mommy posts from my sister, but I would love love love to introduce you to my new baby, Ms Lennon Jude:) I'm not a fan of the Beatles or anything;) Oh and yes I have become one of those people who are proudly obsessed with their pet. 

I adopted her from a local shelter and she stole my heart as soon as I walked by her kennel. Lennon is a pit bull mix and I thoroughly enjoy putting the whole "pit bull stereotype" to rest. A good amount of people have asked, "How do you control all her anger?" Anger? She doesn't have an angry or vicious bones in her body. It all depends on the owner and how they treat them.  I know I'm a proud mama but she truly is a sweet heart and just wants to be loved. As I'm typing this she is laying on me, snoring away. She's a happy go lucky girl, who LOVES to cuddle and I have no complaints about that. A true cuddle bug who can melt anyones heart. I call her my "rag doll" because she will let me do whatever I want to her, for instance, dress her in Christmas sweaters and santa hats. 

She is adjusting so well to her new home that it scares me a little to be honest. She only has had one accident in the house so far, granted it was on my white carpet and it was diarrhea but nothing a stain remover can't fix. Actually now that I think about, maybe two accidents. I'm crate training her and I was away at classes all day (let me tell you I had major separation anxiety..ok I still do, even if I leave her for like an hour) but thats not the point, anyways my brother left her out in the house alone for 2 and half hours, I think it's safe to say, she was mad at me for leaving all day and chewed up my favorite pair of heels. (the grey ones I'm wearing in some of my recent posts) Do I get mad at her? Of course not! Look at that face! Other than that she has become my best friend and having an animal love you the way she loves me, is the best feeling in the world. I know puppies are so adorable and everyone wants the perfect dog with the white picket fence but trust me when I say, adopt adopt adopt! You will never regret it, because taking these animals who are homeless, or beaten, whatever the circumstances are, and giving them love that they have never known before will change their world and also yours.

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