Our Holiday Survival Kit and Gifts For Guys

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Hello December! How the the heck did this happen? No time in trying to figure it out. We are here and embracing it. Now that the countdown to Christmas is officially on, we are sharing some of our holiday must haves that just make our season even brighter. 

Elf and Home Alone: Seriously, these are two of our all time favorite movies. Watching these just get us in the holiday spirit. "Santa, I know him!", "keep the change you filthy animal". Ok, we could go on and on with funny quotes but you get the gist. And if you don't, you're totally missing out and need to see these movies. 

Lux Naturals: If you're on the east coast like us, keeping your lips soft during the winter can be a challenge. Luckily for us we are loving Lux Naturals. It has to be in our bags at all times. It's a must. You can purchase it at most Whole Foods Markets.

Throw Blankets: There's just something about snuggling up with a great throw blanket on a cold winter day. Even if we are just relaxing in the living room wrapping gifts, the blanket needs to be on us. It's kind of a winter accessory. 

Cozy Socks: Speaking of cozy things, we can't forget some comfy warm socks. It's like heaven on your feet and then some. These make it so much better standing on your feet with all of the holiday preparation.

Mugs: A great winter mug is a must have for us. You can catch us taking a break from the every day hustle and bustle to enjoy a cup of tea or gain some energy with a cup of hot chocolate. For some reason drinking out of a nice mug kind of makes the drink taste a little better. All in our head? Probably. But that's ok, drink on. 

Since we are the only two girls (minus our mom) in a family of the boys club, we need these little things to get us through the season. We have enough to try and plan. Let's face it, shopping for women just seems to be easier. So what do you get for those guys in your life? Don't stress (we all do enough of that already) let Man Crates take care of that for you. If you're like us, surrounded by guys who aren't the easiest to shop for, you need to check out their gifts! Their creative gift giving will be sure to make those who are receiving thank you for their unique gift. And, on top of it, to open their gift they get to smash open a crate. 

What are some must haves for your holiday survival kit?

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