What To Get Your Furry Friend For Christmas

Ok, so we know for sure some of you have probably seen tons of wishlists and what to get this one and that one for Christmas. But  hey, who doesn't need a little inspiration here and there for your last minute shopping? And by last minute we mean Christmas is 8 days away. Yikes! Deep breaths it will all get done.

Now that we are both fur mommies {you can read more about that here and here} we felt it was more than appropriate to share some of our ideas for our favorite furry friends. I'm sure many of you can relate that your four legged tail wagging friend becomes a part of your family. You can't leave them out during the holiday cheer. 

We know our dogs love to curl up in a comfy cozy spot so a new bed makes a great gift.  The treat jar might be geared more towards us but how cute is this chalkboard one? We love putting our dogs in sweaters and they love it too! We thought this lump of coal toy was pretty funny and the tennis ball cow head was pretty clever too. Both of our dogs love them some rawhide so these festive treats will really be enjoyed.

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