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We've been gone for a minute now we're back again (pathetic rap voices, haha). Happy New Year to all and we hope it's been a great one so far. It was kind of nice to be a little disconnected for awhile. You will still see us doing our blogging thing (mmkay!) but there is a lot going on with both of us so it might not be as often as we would like. On that note, let's get into some favorites...

1. New Years: It was great kicking the new year off with family and friends and we are both looking forward to what this year has to offer.

2. If you caught us on Instagram you might have seen that our first meal of the new year was nothing short of good old Jersey diner bliss. Little man got the silver dollar short stack and dove right in! His plate was no where near silver dollar fashion or short by any means ;)

3. Gone Girl: We watched this movie together and both got sucked in. Craziness! It wasn't anything like we thought it would be, or as long as we thought, but it was definitely worth seeing. Still not sure how we feel about the ending...

4. Kissing Art: A day of gloomy weather called for kissing inspiration. I did this with a medium pencil and pen. This brings me to my update (Faith), I am so happy to say that I landed my dream internship! I will now be the Art Therapy Assistant at a local hospital. This couldn't have worked out any better and I am so grateful. With this being my last semester in college the pressure is on. With that being said, we will try to post as often as possible but there are other priorities that need to take place. We hope you will understand. 

5. Random Beauty: I (Sierra) am taking a break from nail polish for a little while and came across this awesome buffer. Such a silly name, but the Sand Turtle Gleemer has made my nails the shiniest I have ever seen them. It seriously looks like I am wearing a clear coat! 

To give you an update with where I am, much like Faith, 2015 is starting off as busy year for both of us. As a working mom, which I don't really like to use that term often because seriously, every mom is a working mom! Maybe I should say a mom that needs to be in the office everyday? Anyway, this time of year is becoming a little more demanding with my job and I need to apply my focus there, and also on my family when I am at home. Like we mentioned early, we will still be posting and enjoy blogging (especially reading all of your comments and getting to know you more), but you know, sometimes life just happens. We will still engage with our favorite blogs and have some exciting things to share with you in the months to come! We hope you will continue to stick it out and join us on this journey :) 

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to check out these awesome bloggers that we are linking with today.

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