Hello Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! We hope your week has been a good one. Our blog hit the one year mark and we can't even believe how quickly this time has gone. In case you missed our post, we shared some of the things we have learned in our first year of blogging {here}. Now on to some of our favorites...

1. Valentine's day goodies: little man got to enjoy some heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. It's so true that kids seem to enjoy fun shaped food. We also indulged in this fabulous red velvet cupcake bouquet. It was almost to pretty to eat (almost is the keyword there ;)

2. I (Faith) got to enjoy Valentine's Day in Philly. Old city looked so pretty with a dusting of snow. 

3. Little man enjoyed an Elmo book reading at our local Barnes and Noble. He got to color and play with the other kids. He also really liked taking all of the stuffed animals off of the shelf and found a horse that he became friends with. Luckily they didn't get to attached and we were able to leave him with his other stuffed animal friends. 

4. With these below zero temperatures the north east has been so wonderfully experiencing, we found another lip balm we are digging.  Whole Foods really does have some great organic products. That's where we found Mongo Kiss by Eco Lips and are kind of hooked. 

5. For those who watch the Bachelor, how about getting to watch two nights and extended time this week. We aren't convinced or really loving any of the top three right now. Whitney is kind of growing on us but we really don't know who is going to settle in Chris' hometown. There were definitely some crazies on the show this season and plenty of awkward moments. 

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Have a great weekend everyone! Be sure to check out our link page for all the fun we are having on one of our favorite link days. 

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