5 Ways To Spring Clean More Than Just Your Home

5 Ways to spring clean more than just your home
With the clocks springing ahead this past weekend, ugh it's no fun losing an hour of sleep, but yay for longer days! Anyway, it got me thinking about spring cleaning. Sure we all like to think about spring cleaning literally and having a nice clutter free squeaky clean house. But, what about doing more than just dusting, get rid of things, and vacuuming? I started thinking about areas of my life and how I can spring clean them. Here are the 5 areas I will be focusing on during this new season.

1. MENTAL CLEANING: Does your mind ever get in the way of things? You might have a great idea for something or feel ambitious about taking on a new hobby, and then bam! You start to second guess yourself or have doubts. Unfortunately this happens to often. I'm going to try and take a different approach. Having a positive outlook and focusing on having a more can do attitude. Also, trusting in God and knowing that He has a plan and a purpose is reassuring. 

2. ORGANIZATION: I will be applying this to both my home and my life. There are so many times I go to look for things and before I know it the house is ripped apart because I just wasn't organized. You can also apply this to your work place, school work, priorities, and goals. 

3. FRIENDSHIPS: I am so thankful and grateful to have some amazing friends in my life. I've fallen short of maximizing some of these friendships because, well life tends to get in the way. No excuses though, I will definitely be working on this. Kids, school work, schedules not working out, and before you know it months can go by before you get the chance to catch up. It's great to have friends that when that happens you pick up right where you left off. Then there are those that you attempt to make an effort with and it's just not reciprocated. As you get older you realize the friendships that are life long and those that are really just acquaintances. 

4. THOUGHT PROCESS: This can kind of relate back to mental cleaning. Your thought process can say a lot. Are you an optimistic person that tries to see the good in things? Or do you tend to always see the negative? Maybe you're some who's thoughts are all over the place and it's hard to get out exactly what you want to say. Having a clear thought process can also tie into organization. If we align our thought process, with organization, and mental cleaning, ha well wouldn't we be in a better place?

5. LIFESTYLE: I think this a perfect time to reflect on some lifestyle habits and think about doing a little spring cleaning. Here are some things I will be cleaning up...

Food habits. 
In generally I'm very good with what I put into my body and take as much of an organic approach as possible. But, there are always things I can improve on. It's almost time for garden season.

I don't do enough of this. But then again, I don't think I've ever heard someone say I've been relaxing too much. I'm going to try and incorporate more general relaxing and relaxing activities into my life. 

Social media. 
I like to think that I don't get tied up in the social media hype. But, I do know quite a few people who base their reality off of social media. Whether it's needing to constantly have a Pinterest worthy house or basing their level of fun off of how many likes they get. We should all try to not make social media a reality. Yes, it's a great way to stay in touch with friends, promote a business or blog, but there is nothing like picking up the phone and connecting with a friend or having real life experiences.

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