Toddler Easter Basket

Toddler Easter Basket

Easter baskets. Oh what to put in an Easter basket. This year little man's Easter basket kept growing and growing and before I knew it we were at this size. In my defense, I won this over sized basket at a tricky tray that was filled with other goodies that I got to enjoy. It just so happens that I am recycling it into little man's basket for this year. We are also getting ready to go away on an early anniversary/baby moon trip so a lot of the things in his basket are things he can use on the trip. 

I know everyone interprets what they want to put in their child's Easter basket differently and each year I will be making a conscious effort not to go overboard. There is so much more to the meaning of Easter than a rabbit, and some candy, and gifts. The true meaning of Easter will always be our main focus and what we want our children to take away from the day.  Here's a look at what little man's First Easter Basket looked like and now some of the goodies he will be enjoying this year.

(not pictured, the puzzle won't fit in the basket)
Basic Coloring Book
The Easter Story Activity Book

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