Blue Buffalo Natural Dental Treats-{ Review}

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If you've been reading along with our blog (and we thank you if you do), then we're sure you've seen that we both have fur babies. Our dogs are part of the family and both play an important role in our lives. We were excited to find out about who also recognized how important our pups are to us. is an online retailer that makes it easy for you to shop for your pet, and have your items delivered right to your door. Not only do they offer great products for your furry friends, but they also give back and support local non-profit organizations that help pets in need. You can learn more about them {here}

Blue Buffalo

Coaty and Lennon both enjoyed their Blue Buffalo Dental Treats. We were happy because anyone who has a pet knows their dental hygiene is important too! These vegetarian-friendly treats are easy to digest, cleans their teeth, and freshens doggy bad-breath, leaving lots of room for extra hugs and kisses after. 

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