Friday Favorites-Vacation Recap

Happy Friday! You may have noticed it was a little quiet around here this week but for a few good reasons. I was relaxing on the beaches of Aruba, watching little man play in the sand with plenty of virgin drinks in my hand (hmm that kind of rhymed but not intentional though).

Long story short my husband and I had our 5 year anniversary trip booked for Hawaii before we found out  baby #2 was on the way. Since our anniversary is in June my Dr. didn't think it was a good idea to be traveling so close to my due date. Basically, we decided to save Hawaii (crossing my fingers for our 10 year) and decided to celebrate our 5 year anniversary a little earlier than expected. We decided on Aruba since that's where we went for our honeymoon. This week my Friday favorites are all about my anniversary/babymoon trip. Warning, picture overload :)

1. Special family moments: I happen to kind of be obsessed with this picture. My husband captured such a sweet moment between me and my little man that I will cherish forever. It's so hard getting a good picture of the three of us when we are away. Let's be honest, not many strangers know what they are doing with a camera and that's ok. We made the best of it. 

2. Beach fun: ahhh it was wonderful to be in the nice warm weather, under the palm trees and the waves crashing in the background. I definitely think I have a little beach boy on my hands.

3. Little man fun: we've traveled with him before but at that time he wasn't mobile yet so it was a lot easier. I'll be sharing some tips for traveling with a toddler in my next few posts. This time around watching him play and have so much fun was some of the best parts of our trip. He was fascinated with the outdoor chess set and he especially loved feeding the Iguanas on our resort every day. We pretty much had to hold him back from running and picking them up. Fearless kid right there. 

4. Sunsets: we caught the sunset almost every night and even enjoyed dinner on the beach at one of our favorite restaurants in Aruba, The Flying Fishbone. Eric and I went there on our honeymoon and we knew that we had to go back. Our first time there our table was literally in the water. We saw fish swimming around us and it was simply amazing. This time we were as close to the water as we could be with little man and it was still an amazing experience.

5. Exploring the island and beach fashion: we love walking around and taking in the scenery when we are away. What better way to do that than in some great beach wear. I was so glad Biana from B Loved Boston shared her Beach Vacation Essentials. I loved rocking my pair of $12 sunglasses from Nordstrom (unheard of) and this two toned fedora from Forever21. I also got a great necklace at a local market when we were down there and this lace shift dress I picked up at Target before our trip.

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