Natural Products I'm Using While Pregnant

Natural beauty products while pregnant

Oh, pregnancy! As if your changing body, hormones, and watching the food you eat isn't enough, you also need to be mindful of what you are using on your body. At least I am. In no way am I saying that all pregnant women need to throw their expensive cosmetics in the trash and completely stop using their anti-aging creams. But, if you do some research you will see that a lot of products have chemicals in them that are not good for you or your baby. 

With my first pregnancy I made the switch to using more natural products because I didn't want to take any chances and it was a choice I decided to make. I also realized that a little crows feet wasn't a huge deal if it meant me feeling better about putting less chemicals on my body. Even after I had my first son I continued using a lot of these products because I like them so much. 

I decided to share what I'm using with you because it's not always easy finding more natural or organic products to use. I've also had some trial and error with other products that I've used and these are my favorites so far. By the way, I am still searching for a good natural deodorant if anyone has any recommendations? I've tried Tom's of Maine, Crystal, and Arm and Hammer Essentials. All have started off ok but once a hot day comes or a stressful situation they have all failed, miserably. So for the sake of everyone else around me, I've decided that the natural scent of a deli shop isn't cool. Not cool at all.

Shampoo and Conditioner: I've been using Giovanni, their products are paraben, lauryl and laureth sulfate, and animal by product free. Many of the ingredients are USDA certified organic and contain 100% vegetarian ingredients.

Styling Products: I've been using several DermOrganic products. My favorite has been the leave-in argan oil treatment.

Facial Products: I do not have great skin and with both pregnancies my face has broken out pretty bad. I used to use acne treatments with harsher chemicals that would get it under control, but after I read the back of the bottles I just couldn't do it anymore. I tried a few other natural products that didn't do much for me. Neutrogena Naturals has worked the best but I still don't have amazing skin. It's probably just me.

Cosmetics: I was so happy to find cosmetics that are going more organic, aren't going to cost me a portion of my children's college fund, and actually work. I've been using Physicians Formula CC cream, organic wear mascara, and their shimmer eye shadow pallets.

Soap: I've been enjoying the olive oil bar by Kiss My Face. It leaves me feeling squeaky clean with no extra residue.

Foot Care:  My lovely sister got me into Lush Cosmetics. Their stepping stone foot scrub has been great and she's even helped do my nails when I can barely reach my feet. She's such a gem!  

Nail Polish: Speaking of doing my nails, I try to keep my nails just naturally buffed and shined during pregnancy but that's not always easy to do with so many fun colors to wear. Luckily, Zoya has a toxin free line with great colors to choose from.

Hand Cream and Lotion: In hopes of preventing stretch marks I am using Palmer's Cocoa Butter. It did great with my first pregnancy, let's hope for same this time around. My hands have been extremely dry this pregnancy and Nubian's Raw Shea Butter hand cream has been great. It smells really good too. 

What are some natural products you enjoy using and did you make a decision to switch your beauty products when pregnant?

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