Thoughts On Maternity Clothes

It's no secret there's been a lot of talk around here about babies. While Faith is finishing up her finals, you can do it girl two more days! I'm bringing you some maternity wear I'm loving right now.

With my first pregnancy the thought of maternity clothes made me cringe. I felt like I was giving up a piece of myself. They all seemed so baggy, uncomfortable, and made me feel a lot bigger than I really was. For the most part I still shopped regular clothes and just went up in size. But, there's one thing I learned you just can't go without, and that's maternity pants. When I invested in a good pair of maternity jeans it made such a difference. I felt more like myself. I could still rock skinny jeans and not feel like an alien in my already changing body. 
Old Navy and Gap have been my go to for them. Their side panel ponte pants have been my saving grace at work. Not to mention that after my first pregnancy, I still wore my maternity jeans for the first few weeks. I was not thinking about zippering, snapping, or having to deal with any of that after giving birth. 

Being pregnant in the summer also calls for some comfortable sandals and flip flops. You never know when your feet might swell and instead of having the stuffed sausage look (not the most flattering) in a restricted shoe, go for the sandals. Regardless if you're pregnant or not, who doesn't love a pair of great sandals?!?

So how do you feel about maternity clothes? Were you reluctant to make the switch?

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