Friday Favorites - It's Time to Celebrate

Happy Friday! We hope your week has been a fabulous one! We're definitely looking forward to this weekend. Our mom and brother flew in because the big day is finally here, Faith is graduating! We will also be celebrating Mother's Day together and we're sure there will be some other fun craziness in between. Here are some of our favorites...

1. So we got a little crafty and did some DIY Pinterest inspired Mother's Day gifts. This was super easy and we really like how they turned out. Hopefully they will too :) 

2. We shared this video last year on my (Sierra's) first Mother's Day post. It's hard to believe this is my second Mother's Day and little guy #2 is on the way! 


3. We hope this weekend is special for all women out there. To all the moms, aunts, grandmother's, and  important influences that play such a huge role and impact our lives, we love you! One day out of the year to show it just isn't enough.

4. School is finally over! One of my (Faith's) final projects was "Value" such a broad topic right? So I thought about what humans value least and their bodies came to mind. We live in a society where everyone wants the "perfect body" but there is no perfect body because what we see in the magazines and whats on TV is not even real. But, I wanted to make the pose something natural, we have all looked into the mirror sucking in and wondering what our bodies would look like if... 
When I look at myself in the mirror I see something different from what everyone else sees. Creating a mold of my body I realized I am not as big as I am in my mind.  This project  was about how we devalue our body but creating this helped me to better value my body and love it the way it is. Don't be fooled though the torso collapsed but it worked in my favor to get the point across.

5. Graduation is an awkward time in everyone's life, there are questions of what's next? What now? I guess it just hasn't hit me yet because people are asking me these questions but I haven't asked myself them yet. I went to three different colleges in five years and my college experience has not been the ones you see in the movies. I can write a book about what I have been through but I'll save you the time. But I will say, I cannot take credit for me graduating because if I did not have the support system I have now I would not be where I am today.

Congratulations to all the graduates out there and the classes of 2015! We hope everyone enjoys their weekend and times of celebration. Check out where we are linking today and join in on the Friday fun.  

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