Happy Friday!

Oh Friday, you came so quickly this week and we love it! If only every week could be a short work week. Wishful thinking. We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. Here are some of our highlights and favorites from the week. 

1. Beach time: it's unofficially summer which means beach time is in full force. It's been pretty hot here in jersey, but no complaints, we'll take it. Less than three months ago we were just covered in snow. I (Faith) spent the weekend down the shore and enjoyed every minute of it. 

2. First pony ride: we took little man to a local farm and he got to ride his first pony. This kid seriously loves animals. His face lit up when he sat on that horse. He was asking for more please when the pony stopped. 

3. Memorial Day: little man went to his first parade. He enjoyed seeing all the big trucks and waving his flag. Then once the local baseball teams handed out candy he was all about his lolli. 

4. Infused water: we are digging into the archives here with this one. Last year towards the end of summer we did a post about fruit and herb infused water {read here}. We thought why not share it again at the beginning of summer for some infused inspiration. We all know there's just something great about a nice refreshing drink on a hot day. 

5. Recipes: along with a refreshing summer drink comes some good eating. To be honest, we haven't had the best of luck with our spiralizer. Especially when it comes to zoodles. They should be easy, right? Well not for us. They always end up soggy and like mush. We came across these recipes that we hope will get us out of our spiralizer funk. 

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