Packing For The Beach With a Toddler

Taking a toddler to the beach
With Memorial Day right around the corner, yippy! We wanted to share our beach packing essentials for hitting the sandy shores with a toddler. Last year you might remember we did a post about beach days-packing for a baby and what you get with us {read more here}

Now that he's a toddler our packing is a little different. We are still one of those families that takes a less is more approach and just works with what we do bring. We aren't trying to wheel wagons across the sand and pack the car to where we can barely see out of the windows. The beach is supposed to be relaxing and fun, right? However, we understand everyone's packing techniques can be different and we respect that. This is what's worked for us so far...

SUNSCREEN: It's a must. We go for a higher SPF and one that is resistant to water, and not to mention safe and with less chemicals for our little guy. 

WATER: Lots of it! Keep those little ones hydrated.

SNACKS: Kids love to snack. Try to pack things that aren't going to melt in 2 minutes and they can actually enjoy and will keep them full.

SHADE: However you can swing it, bring it. We usually just go with a standard umbrella because he never wants to stay inside a tent or any of those other fancy contraptions they have out there. 

SUN HAT: Hopefully they will keep it on but this one is a hit or miss with us. 

SWIM DIAPERS: They make such a big difference. 

SUNGLASSES: Same with a hat, this is a hit or miss if he will keep them on or not. 

BUG REPELLENT: There might not be bugs every time you go but a small travel size of bug repellent to throw in your beach bag can come in extra handy.

TOWELS: We usually pack a beach towel and then an extra towel that we keep dry for when we change him out of his wet clothes. 

EXTRA CLOTHES: Speaking of extra clothes, in addition to that car ride home outfit, it can't hurt to throw an extra swimsuit in there. Kids are unpredictable. 

SAND TOYS: Your child might want nothing to do with them and stay occupied for hours with that random shell they find, but it's always fun to have a bucket and a few toys to play with. 

WIPES: Sand is tricky and somehow kids get sticky (unintentional rhyme). Pack a lot of them, you will need them. 

SANDALS/WATER SHOES: We all know we've darted across the sand because it can get extremely hot. Just think about those little toes and how much hotter it must feel for them. 

PLASTIC BAGS: You'll need somewhere to put those wet swimsuits or toys that you just can't get all of the sand off. 

FIRST AID: We're not saying bring the whole medicine cabinet but a small travel size first aid kit or at least band aids can come in handy. 

Overall try to have fun and enjoy your day. We see some friends get so stressed out over a day at the beach that it's already chaotic before it even starts. If you forget something, go with the flow. Let this be a time of fun memories for you and your family.

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