We Love Some Friday!

Happy Friday! We made it! This week had a lot of celebrating going on and felt like it went by pretty quick. No complaints with that. Why don't we just get right into (picture overload) and sharing some of our favorites from this week. 

1. Mother's Day: it was so nice to have our mom in town and to be able to share time with her. It's also extra special when there is an amazing little man who God blessed me (Sierra) with the greatest gift ever, to be his mommy. Our mom almost had all 5 of us with her but our youngest brother couldn't make it in due to finals. 

2. Can we just talk about how our aunt put together such a nice brunch for all of us on Mother's Day. She always puts so much detail into things and is so thoughtful. 

3. Graduation! I (Faith) made it. I have officially graduated and keeping my fingers crossed for a job that might be in the works. 

4. Graduation party: what's a graduation without celebrating?!?

5. Art display: I (Faith) decided to display my art during my grad party and I'm kind of loving how it turned out. 

We hope everyone has a great weekend! Here's some of our favorites we are linking with and sharing our Friday fun. 

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