What I Need to Remember {Bella Mama-Guest Post}

We are so excited that we've partnered up with our good friend Falynn who blogs over at Bella Mama. Not only is Falynn a great friend but we (Sierra & Falynn) happened to go to high school together, were college roommates (haha that memory list could go on forever), and are both expecting our second boys just two weeks apart from each other. Aside from that little back story, we love reading her blog where she shares her first time mama moments, some tasty recipes, and seriously, how cute is her little guy?!?! We hope you enjoy her post as she shares those tough moments of experiencing the terrible twos. Be sure to stop by and show Falynn some love <3

My son has entered the terrible twos (a month early, mind you) full force. My days with him are short as it is, with working full-time. Lately, that time is completely taken up with trying to control tantrums and unsuccessfully preventing meltdowns. It's a constant battle that involves two things: keeping him busy and massive forms of distraction. Both are not full proof, either. Not even close.

I held him the other day, while he was screaming at the top of his lungs and I cried right with him and prayed to God: just make it stop. Help him to just calm down and sleep, I pleaded. In these moments, I wonder how I'm going to get through the next hour let alone the day. Because I'm tired. Because I'm in need of some solitude and peace. Because I'm 7 months pregnant, I work full time and I'm exhausted from the responsibilities of daily life. Join the club, I know. But in those moments, I feel helpless and alone. It's hard to see that what is happening will pass. 

What I need to remember is this: he will not be two forever. He will not be little forever. Sooner than later, he'll be smiling again, grabbing for my hand and leading me on another "adventure" in the backyard. 

What I need to remember is this: before I know it, he will be 18, and baby number 2 will be 16... And with that, a whole new set of problems, much more serious than toddler tantrums, will be upon us. I will miss the days when he comes running to me and says, "Mama, up- hold, hold." It's hard to remember it now, when my body is aching and I feel like I can't hold him anymore. But I'll long for those times. I know I will. I know because I long for them now, working 8 hours and wishing that time was spent with him.

And what I need to remember the most is this: there is no love like his love. There's no better feeling than picking him up after work and sharing quiet time with him at night before bed. I won't be able to sing sunshine with him forever. Once the terrible two's are over, I will miss those moments. And those are the ones that I need to remember right now- in the midst of the madness. Because hard as it seems, it will pass.

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