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Happy Fridayyy! We love short work weeks and by the time you'll be reading this we'll be at the shore for the weekend, hopefully sitting on the beach and enjoying the sun. Random fact, we are early beach goers. That's about the only thing we do early. So if you're not planning on being there by 8am, you can meet us there. Anyway, We hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July weekend. We are so thankful to live in the land of the free. Now, let's get into some of our favorites from this week. 

1. Fresh fruit: speaking of 4th of July, a little red, white, and blue breakfast inspiration at it's finest. If you follow us on Instagram you might have already caught a peek. 

2. FAO Schwarz: it's sad this iconic location will be closing in a few weeks but we are so happy we got to experience it with little man. He had such a good time! Who are we kidding, we did too :) The giant piano is always a classic favorite. These stuffed animals he fell in love with where bigger than him. At one point he must have thought he was on Noah's ark because he had to have all of them around him, and two of them at that. The struggle was real trying to get him away from this section. 

3. Central park: after our FAO fun we met up with friends who also happened to be in the city. We walked all around central park and had to be touristy. 

4. Play date: Lennon loves playing with other dogs but she finally found her best friend who has the same energy, if not more, Harper Jane. Harper is a yellow lab and the kids I (Faith) babysit for, it's their dog. I am not exaggerating when I say they play nonstop from the time I get there until the time we leave. This picture was a fast snap shot because a second after they both got up to run for a ball. I'm a proud mama knowing that my pup is making friends:)

5. Favorite recipe: in case you missed our post from early this week we cooked up this lemon basil garlic shrimp pasta and could practically eat it every night. We loved it! And even added in more garlic and black pepper because that's just our thing. From the feedback, it sounds like you guys would enjoy this dish too.

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