Friday, It's Favorite Time!

Happy Friday!!! Hello end of the week and kick off to the weekend! You're always a favorite in our book. We both enjoyed a short work week and had a sporadic beach day thrown in there which always makes for a good time. With that being said we might as well get into our favorites...

1. Christmas in July: one of our good friends had a Christmas in July party. It's never too early to spread some holiday cheer. We decided to put a twist on it and go as Christmas and July ;) 

2. Pool fun: it's been extremely hot and humid here so some much needed pool fun was due. Little man was loving being tossed around and learning how to try and swim. 

3. Wedding season: the last wedding of the season has finally come to an (Faith's) boyfriend had 4 weddings this year, and was in all of them. This wedding was the wedding where I was going to meet all of his friends, so the dress (currently sold out) had to be perfect. No, I don't have money like that to spend at Saks but when it's a 70% off deal, you hit the jackpot. The dress fit perfect and the night was so much fun, I also finally got the "dip kiss" picture off of my bucket list.

4. Beach day: random beach days turn out to be the best beach days. It was a last minute thing and we both happened to have off of work, so why not head to the beach!? We're always down for some sun and sand. 

5. Summer sky: we caught this sunset the other night and had to marvel at how beautiful it was. If you caught our instagram you might have already seen it. The sky is always a nice reminder of God's surrounding presence. 

Have a great weekend and thank you for checking out our favorites! Be sure to stop by these other great bloggers and join in on the link fun throughout the week. 

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