Beach Day Sparks Important Reminder

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If you caught our Friday favorites post you might have seen that we both got to enjoy a sporadic beach day. Gosh, if we could only have one of them each week life would be amazing! We enjoyed laying out, watching the waves break, and seeing little man have a great time digging in the sand. Pretty much a perfect day (minus some unexpected wind). While our day was going just swell someone else's was being flipped upside down from a situation that could really happen to any of us.

We saw a boy who was screaming and crying walking down the shore line. Our immediate reaction was that he was lost. He looked like he was making his way over to a family so we watched from afar for a moment until we realized that wasn't the case. Faith went running over to him to find out what was wrong and like we thought he was lost. We got the lifeguard involved and found out that he was only 4 years old and couldn't remember where his family was. 

Long story short, about 15 minutes later his mother was found frantically looking for him over by where they were playing. He was playing with his older brother and happened to wander off pretty far before he made it down to our end of the beach. 

After we saw that everything was ok and he was safe, we couldn't help feeling shocked and upset knowing how many people this poor little boy passed and how far he actually wandered until someone got involved. It seems like so many people like to butt their way in for other things but here was a crying boy in obvious distress with no help. Where's John Quinones when you need him?!? It's scary to think but also a good reminder to know that things can change in the blink of an eye. We all have to be so careful.

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