He's Here~Our Hearts Are Filled With Love

After an interesting past few weeks and our little man keeping us in suspense, Isaiah Reid was born on 8/12. Our hearts are overfilled with so much love and joy and we are in complete awe of both of our little guys. 

Big brother has been amazing with him and the love he showed us when he first met his little brother is a moment we will never forget.  We are so blessed and grateful for the family that we have. 

After taking a break from blogging for a few weeks, in all honesty, it was very relaxing and kind of a breath of fresh air. When we cooked a great dinner I didn't eat it cold trying to get that "perfect blog pic". If we went out for an outing, I wasn't thinking about, oh wait, let's go back and document this because that would make a cool Friday favorite. I didn't hound my husband and try to turn him into a professional photographer. 

With that being said, Faith and I have discussed the direction we want this blog to go in and at this point we aren't sure just yet. Now that I have two little ones to care for, their privacy and what we are willing to share has always been a big question. Let's face it, there are just some creepy people out there and with no way to really block people from your blog this has always been a hesitation of ours from our very first post. I also want to be able to enjoy my kids to the fullest and not try to squeeze blogging in during nap times or after they go to bed. Life is too short, and while some people can manage this like a pro, I fall short and don't want time taken away from my family. 

Faith is also focusing on her career and the time and effort that blogging takes is no little thing. We always knew from the start we didn't go into blogging to make money or hit the big time over night. We've really enjoyed the friends we've connected with and the great blogging community that's out there. We still plan on reading all of your blogs and until we figure out the direction of our own blog we will more than likely pop on every now and then, especially if a great blog post comes to mind. You know, the ones that usually come out of no where right before you're about to fall asleep. But for now, we appreciate your support and for all of those who've connected with us and enjoy reading our little internet space.

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