It's Friday...But Sunday's Coming

I'm sure we're all thinking it, but how in the world is it Easter again? Well, the fact that it's a little early this year might have something to do with it, but regardless, it's here.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It's such a time of celebration for my family. Good Friday kind of leaves me somber, reflecting on what it must have been like for Jesus dying on the cross. But then I think about Sunday, and how amazing it is that all of God's promises were fulfilled.

Here's a look into some of my favorites from the week...

1. Eggs: If you caught my instagram this week (probably not because of how their feed is now set up) you might have seen we were getting ready to decorate Easter eggs. I always hated the smell of vinegar when dying eggs as a kid and I still don't care for it now. Paint markers did the trick and A loved being able use the "colors".

2. DIY: I'm not always the craftiest person out there but when it's something I have fun with, I get all into it. I tackled my first attempt at tissue paper garland and was very happy with how it came out!

3. Bunny love and sister time: if you caught my post earlier this week, You're Never Too Old For The Easter Bunny, than you already understand the fluffy cuteness that took place! And as an added bonus, any time spent with my sister is the best time.

4. Egg hunt: in true Easter fashion it's never complete without an egg hunt. A was all into it this year and I sure had fun being out there with him.

5. Spring, spring, spring: is in the airrrr. Uhhh, almost. The weather is starting to make a turn for the better which makes me one happy girl. The boys and I enjoyed some free Rita's and little nugget just couldn't resist his curiosity.

From our family to yours, Happy Easter! 

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