You're Never Too Old For The Easter Bunny

You guys, I have a confession to make, I might have enjoyed this little rabbit more than my kids. Oh my fluffy, sweetness! It was really hard to see this fluffy go. This was so much better than any dressed up rabbit we could have ever had the boys experience. I mean come on now, #therealpeterrabbit.

The boys had no idea this little surprise was happening until we walked them out to our backyard. A family from our church owns a little farm and brought the animals to our house. Huge score for me! Not only did I not have to worry about taking the kids anywhere but it let me have full range to have fun with this. I love the way my little setup turned out. I seriously would love to do something like this all the time if I could. As if I don't take enough pictures of the kids, add in a cute background and some furry animals and mama is happy.

My older nugget was a born natural at handling animals. He was scooping the ducks up, picking up the chicks, and handling the little rabbit like a pro. It was amazing to admire his gentle and caring side. He turned to the girl who brought them over for us and asked, "umm did you bring a cow?". Haha, a cow?!? This kid is too much. For some reason he seems to be really fascinated with cows lately. Even though the cow didn't make an appearance in our backyard I don't think he was too disappointed.  

A & I, daddy and I hope you both had so much fun! We love experiencing new things with you and watching your faces light up with excitement. You are both growing up so fast. I wish there was a secret out there to freeze some of these fun moments for a little longer. We hope as you look back at these pictures you realize that you're never too old for the Easter bunny :)

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