Baby Dedication Recap

Isaiah 49:16 Swaddle Blanket
Baby dedication
My precious little nugget. Sunday was such a special day for our family. Daddy and I dedicated you to the Lord and commit to raising you with Him as our foundation. We continue to pray that God will bless your life abundantly, that you will be an example to others, and that He will guide us and give us wisdom as parents.

We are so excited to see what God has in store for you.

I loved getting you ready on Sunday morning. We shared so many sweet moments and the best was watching you smile. It seemed to light up the room brighter than the gorgeous sunshine we were graced with throughout the day.

You looked so handsome in your little white outfit. It's a good thing we tried it on you a few weeks beforehand, because your big brother's outfit just wasn't fitting you. You are such a healthy stocky little boy and we love every inch of your mush! Thankfully we were able to get the same outfit but in a different size. Now you both have one if you'd ever like to use it for your future boys.

You fell asleep on our way to church and seriously looked angelic sleeping in your seat. We let you sleep until right before we were going on stage. That nap sure did you good because the day was just getting started.

You were great up on stage with the five other babies. We all stood by your side and agreed in prayer for God's blessings for you. A kind of lost it up there and ended up throwing himself down on the floor. Thankfully we were able to reel him back in. We can't blame him for getting upset though, it was for a really cute reason. He wanted the microphone so that he could pray for you (melt my heart).

We can only pray that your relationship as brothers continues to be amazing. May you both always be passionate about praying for one another.

After service we headed over to brunch. It was the perfect time to spend with family and friends. I could tell you were getting a little overwhelmed at times, and I kind of secretly liked when you didn't want to be held by someone else and would turn and grab onto me. You were still so social. You made your rounds and gave everyone the loving they needed.

When it came time for the cake your brother insisted that we sing happy birthday to you. At two years old  when there's cake around, it's someone's birthday.

We are so thankful to our family and friends that shared in this special time with us. We had everyone sign a bible for you that we can't wait to give you when you are older. During the dedication we received the spiritual connotation of your name which is steadfast. May you always be true to yourself, committed to God, and dedicated to your passions. We love you so much!

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