Capturing Those Little Moments

Those little feet. Those little hands. My boys are getting bigger by the minute right before my eyes. Every milestone shared with them is amazing but it also leaves me a little sad. I know it's life and let's face it, no one has the capability of getting any younger. But with kids, it seems like you wake up and they literally grow over night. 

I love when they bring me home their little art projects from school that incorporate the shape of their hand or their little foot, but I feel like those type of projects need to be carefully stored to really enjoy them later on. Ha, I'm so bad at stuff like that. We can't even find I's birth certificate. That's a post for another day. 

Birth certificate dilemma aside, what I do think I do an ok job of is capturing those random happenings. There's no secret here that I'm a bit of a momarazzi. I like to try and get those unexpected moments like A playing the piano above.

He asked me if I could come and sing old macdonald with him (currently his favorite jam of the week). Why of course I can! After our third time of singing and my designated part of doing a moo moo here and a moo moo there, my camera was in plain sight and those cute little banging fingers were something I couldn't pass up. 

This will always bring me back to that random little moment (and the tune of old macdonald getting stuck in my head). It was even more special because I's little feet were tapping on the ground to our not so on beat duet. At least the kid knows good music when he hears it ;) 

May those little hands and feet be used to do amazing things in this world. The sky's the limit my loves.

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