Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great week. I had one of those weeks that I blinked and it was basically over. Hubby and I have some fun things planned this weekend and we're having our first night away from both nuggets. My favorites this week should really be more like a weekend recap, but that just didn't happen. So here we are now at Friday and these turned into my favorites.

1. My husband has been going to the annual auto show ever since he can remember. Keeping up the family tradition we ventured to the city with the nuggets. We were anticipating a melt down (several), constant chasing after them, endless diaper changes, never ending requests for snacks, but it ended up being the exact opposite. We had such a great day! Maybe we should plan for the worst more often.

2. Random fact: I don't think I've ever mentioned it before but my husband and I back in college used to own an ice cream truck. Yes, you heard right, an ice cream truck. In between our summer jobs we would drive around and sell ice cream. We had a distributor that we worked with, a food license, the whole deal. When we saw this ice cream truck at the car show it took us back to the good old days (that kind of made us sound ancient).

3. Ninja turtles: It's not everyday you just see the turtle truck hanging out on the street. Talk about us finding some throwbacks this week.

4.Street art: when you're in the city admiring the local street art and visiting some of the parks just feels like a must. They aren't hard to come across because they just tends to be a part of NYC. We walked along High Line park before it got too windy and found this really cute playground (Tom Otterness) for A to play on.

5 You and Me: after walking around the city we looked down and both nuggets were fast asleep in the stroller. We decided to stop off for some food and drinks and if this day couldn't get any better we got to enjoy the entire meal while they were fast asleep. #thelittlethings

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Check out where I am linking and join in on the Friday fun!

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