Friday, I Like Your Style

Happy Friday! After the last few weeks being pretty hectic it was nice to have a week that felt back to normal. A is feeling so much better which is a huge relief. I took off a few days so whenever there's a short work week involved it's always a plus. Here is a peek into some of my favorites...

Mom time: I realize more and more no matter how old you get you always need some mom time. My mom flew in from FL to celebrate I's dedication with us and stayed for the week. My sister also took off and we celebrated an early mother's day since we all won't be together. It was the prefect day. We got our nails done, enjoyed the beautiful grounds of a local arboretum, then finished the day off with a nice dinner out.  If you saw my instagram you probably saw this candid moment between my sister and I that my mom captured. We were cracking up at ourselves and how I always get awkward when I pose. Life's too short not to laugh at yourself.

2. Baby dedication: if you missed my baby dedication recap you can check it out {here}. It was such a special day for our little family and we were overwhelmed by all of the love and support from our family and friends.

3. 4 out 5: this week was all about family. Not only did my mom fly in but so did my brother. It was great being together but we were missing our youngest brother who is out in FL for school. Oh finals, why must you interfere. We had a great lunch at a local spot called cuban petes. We all enjoyed delicious food and awesome sangria!

4. Spring beauty finds: so my cousin is a makeup artist and usually gets some great perks that my sister and I benefit from. Every time we see her she brings us a bag of goodies and my sister and I act like little kids on Christmas eagerly tearing into it and trading what we want. I am loving these tarte products because as I've shared before, I prefer cosmetics with the least amount of chemicals, and these are the prefect blend of eco-chi beauty. This lip stick, blush, and cheek tint, have been the perfect combination to add some spring color and make my features pop. Unfortunately what I haven't come across is a natural anti-aging product that really works. If you have any recommendations please share! I've been using this No7 protect and perferct serum for the past week and I'm beginning to see some results. Mainly around the line near my mouth. This speed dry blow dry spray has been my best friend in the morning. My hair always takes such a long time to dry so cutting down the time in the morning is so helpful.

5. Recipe: keeping my head on straight doesn't always come easy. I had a womp womp moment this week when I thought Thursday was cinco de mayo. I think I've just been craving some guac and got really excited thinking about it. Now that I have my dates straight I'm looking forward to it this week. Here are some recipes I found.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Check out where I am linking and join in on the fun. 

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