Friday, You're Music To My Ears

Oh Friday, I'm really glad to see you this week. If there has ever been a week I was looking forward to being over, it's this one. A hasn't been feeling well and we are all physically and mentally drained. I have another Dr's appointment with him this morning and I am just praying for some answers. I'm not convinced this is just a "virus" anymore. It's been so tough seeing him not himself and my heart just breaks.

Despite A being sick we made the best of things and tried to get him out in this, finally, spring weather. Here are some of my favorites. 

1. Cherry Blossoms: we went to branch brook park for their annual festival and of course had to snap some pics. Unfortunately it wasn't as lush as previous years. We had some really cold weather after things started blooming so only some of the trees still had blossoms on them. The boys still had fun and A loved the little petting zoo they had there. It's so precious to see how gentle he is with the animals. 

2. Boys and their dog: these three definitely took advantage of some nice weather. I love how A calls Coaty his brother.

3. Girls night: in the midst of all the craziness we have going on it was really nice to get away for a few hours for girls night. We went to a local place and I indulged in some fried pickles. Not the healthiest option but they were worth it.

4. Good Charlotte: yes, you are seeing that right. This pic isn't a throwback it's real time. My best friend and I made a random decision to meet up for a Good Charlotte concert this week. We loved them in high school and can I tell you they were just as good now as they were then. They played at the TLA in Philly and were so humble and just all around awesome guys. My adolescent self was in my glory. South street is a lot of fun and of course we indulged in some philly cheese steaks and took advantage of some outdoor dining (forgot to take a pic, womp womp)

5. Baby dedication: we have I's baby dedication on Sunday and my family is flying in to celebrate this special time with us. It's hard to believe we had A's dedication over two years ago! After having a tough week it will be really nice to spend time with one another and share this special commitment to God. This has been my inspiration for center pieces. Looking to keep it classic and simple and I'll share how the day turned out next week.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Friday's are for fun and linking. Check out who I'm linking with and join in. 

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